Opcoders releases GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.2 - Project and Reflect

August 24, 2009 in Image Editing (E)

[prMac.com] Copenhagen, Denmark - Opcoders today released GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.2, a free update to their powerful Mac OS X graphics editor. Perfect for web designers that need to compose seamless tiling textures, trim pixels, prepare thumbnails and add shadows, plus much more!

The new Cube building block can make these projected screenshots with shiny floor reflections below, that are often seen on websites. Now you can do it too with GDT by first inserting a Photo block followed by a Cube block. The Cube block accepts up to 3 different textures, where the first one is for the front/back faces, the second for the left/right faces and the third texture is used for the top/bottom faces. It has 15 parameters so lots of tweaking is possible.

Focus for the 1.2.x versions is on writing documentation for all the building blocks. Now 54 of the 103 building blocks have a description in the help, so that task is halfway completed.

* Added a "Cube" block for mapping textures on a 3d cube
* Added a "Variant" parameter to the Box block
* Added a "Skip" parameter to the Sharp block
* Documented the "Glow Rect" block
* Documented the "Gradient" block
* Documented the "Heal" block
* Documented the "Hint" block
* Documented the "Histogram" block
* Documented the "Interlace" block
* Documented the "Invert" block
* Documented the "Leopard" block
* Documented the "Light" block
* Documented the "Make Alpha" block
* Added a "Cubes1.box1" project to "Sample Pack - Web"
* Added a "crt_screen.box1" project to "Sample Pack - Web"
* Fixed crash bug in "Slice" block
* Disabled lots of unnecessary output to the log file

Feature highlights:
* Single window editor
* Unified bitmap/vector compositing
* 103 building blocks
* Getting Started pdf included, 27 pages
* Multiple difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard
* 3 fast-access example projects accessible at launch, many more available online

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 or later
* 1 GB system RAM
* Graphics card with 64 MB video RAM
* 20 MB hard drive space

Pricing and Availability:
GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.2 can be downloaded from the homepage. A single user license can be purchased for 29.95 Euros ($42.95 USD). Media and interested parties may request license codes for reviewing.

Opcoders is a privately funded company founded in 2006 by Simon Strandgaard in Copenhagen, Denmark. Opcoders main focus is the development of GraphicDesignerToolbox for the Mac platform.


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