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[] Odessa, Ukraine - Belight Software, a popular Mac OS app developer, today announces a special contest dedicated to Get Backup Pro, one of its most successful apps. Get Backup Pro is one of the best apps on the Mac App Store that allows users to keep their data safe. The app allows users to easily clone disks, synchronize folders, quickly backup files using templates and even more. This special promotion will last for one week, starting on October 30th. Participants need to tweet and share the page dedicated to the contest.

Why do you need Get Backup Pro for Mac? This high quality software is developed by a professional team of Apple passionate fans. The regular price of the app is $19.99 (USD). You have a chance to win this awesome software for free. All you need to do is only to share a word about the contest. It's very easy! All winners will be informed about their possible win by email. Please don't forget to check your mailbox on November 6th in order to know if you won this app from Belight Software Team.

The app is completely adopted to the new Yosemite Mac OS. Get Backup Pro is localized to English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish languages. The app is sold on BeLight Software web site and on the Mac App Store. A non Mac App Store version is more powerful and contains disc-cloning feature, restricted by Apple in Mac App Store. If you have any questions concerning Get Backup Pro contest or software, please contact Irene Stepanovska. We wish you good luck!

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