ProjectWizards to release first public beta of Merlin Project for OS X

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[] Melle, Germany - ProjectWizards has announced the first public beta of Merlin, its popular project management software for OS X. Merlin Project is the successor of Merlin 2 and is available now to download/for testing, ahead of its scheduled release this year. As an active user of Merlin 2, you will be impressed by Merlin Project's many new features. Successful project management demands software that offers you the freedom to design projects that suit your expectations. This is precisely what Merlin Project does: It puts this power in your hands. Discover all the new functions which make Merlin Project the best Merlin ever.

If you plan complex projects, you won't get far with a simple list of tasks. Good planning raises questions about the dependencies of activities on each other, the impact of delays on the project completion date, and budget planning. Here, a spreadsheet quickly runs up against its limitations. These are precisely the answers Merlin Project provides you with to plan and implement projects with just a few mouse clicks. Have we whetted your appetite? Read on to learn about all the benefits of this truly magical software.

"Following an intensive internal alpha test and a private beta test, we have now reached the point in our development where we are ready to invite a larger number of users to participate in a public beta test," said Michael Schulze, global brand manager for ProjectWizards. "Merlin Project has been redeveloped from the ground up, with existing concepts optimized."

Just as a reminder, Merlin Project is still under development, so features and services may not work as expected some (or all) of the time. Make a copy of all project files you want to use as a test case (just in case something goes wrong / some applications and services may not yet be compatible with Merlin 2) before installing.

Language support:
* English, Spanish, German and French

Users can download the Public Beta Software from ProjectWizards online, and will be able to install and test. We appreciate any feedback. The Beta-Software (and the final release) requires a Mac running Mac OS X v10.9.5 (or later).

In addition to their extremely successful Mac project management application, Merlin, ProjectWizards also offers professional project management and related services. ProjectWizards was founded in 2001/2002 by Frank Blome, whose professional project management experience spans more than 15 years and companies of all sizes, from small IT shops to worldwide groups such as Bertelsman. The current ProjectWizards team encompasses professional project managers, software experts, Macintosh enthusiasts, trainers and partners in both Europe and North America. ProjectWizards' global network means that professional and responsive project management solutions can be provided to help any project succeed. Copyright (C) 2014 ProjectWizards. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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