Landscape - a fun new way to build responsive web pages

November 20, 2014 in Web Design (E)

[] San Antonio, Texas - ConjureBunny Software is pleased to introduce Landscape, a fun new way for OS X users to build responsive websites that look great on all platforms. It's easy enough for even young kids to use, while containing many features for professional web page designers.

Landscape lets you build web pages by dragging and dropping any type of file (including Photoshop) in a freeform environment, to quickly assemble web pages. To add text, just type anywhere. A simple Desktop/Tablet/Phone switch lets the user change layouts for each page. The end result is a web site that all modern browsers will render in an almost identical fashion.

Landscape features tightly integrated Google Font support, so if you're using any of over 600 Google Fonts, it will detect them and embed code in your page so the viewer's browser will display it properly. Landscape also automatically builds light boxes if you've designated any images as Lightbox images. It's one checkbox in the info window, and Landscape does all the rest. Similarly, it features tight integration with Facebook, so adding a Facebook image preview to any page is simply a matter of checking off an item in the info window.

The Background and Hidden modes let you treat webpage design easier, by making it so you can't accidentally drag background elements around while laying out foreground elements. You can hide elements or drag them past a barrier, and they won't be rendered on platforms of your choosing.

Landscape has several unique tools, including a knife for slicing up existing images and websites. The knife will let you take any already built website, and quickly create a new version of it that works on more platforms. The mind mapping tool will let you quickly create site charts, org charts, flow charts, and mind maps.

"Our goal was to take eliminate some of the most tedious parts of web design, like light boxes, font handling, Facebook integration, and especially responsiveness. The result is something powerful but simple, and very unlike any web page design tool on the market," said Chilton Webb, president of ConjureBunny Software. "We built a tool that can quickly assemble complicated web pages without confining the artist to a template or a limited design. We designed it to be completely free form, and at the same time, responsive on all platforms."

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X version 10.7 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Landscape 1.0 is regularly priced at USD $40.00 and available directly from ConjureBunny software. This is an introductory price, and as features are added, the price will go up. Updates through the end of the 1.x cycle are free for registered users. New licenses can be purchased directly from ConjureBunny software by visiting our website. For more information about Landscape, including screenshots and video, visit ConjureBunny on the web.

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