Game Connection Nominated Overkill 3 Won't Be out This Year

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[] Ostrava, Czech Republic - Craneballs say the reasons for the delay are quite a few, mostly revolving around releasing the best possible game they can. First impressions are crucial and are going to determine Overkill 3's fate for months to come. In this regard, a 3 months delay is a small price to pay compared to not utilizing the full potential of Overkill 3 and the two years spent making it.

Tutorial Drop:
Craneballs' biggest problem was the tutorial and not enough time to make it right. It's nice to have 30 original levels embellished with a boss fight here and there, but it sucks to only have a faction of gamers to actually get to them.

Craneballs had improved that, but still needed a few more iterations to truly nail it; unfortunately one rejected update and the 12 days review times connected with the iOS8 release and video previews didn't help with that.

10-Hour Campaign And Hardcore Gamers:
Turns out taking the route of non-repeating levels was a bigger bite than Craneballs had imagined. Not only does it take days to have one ready for the game - from designing, to modeling, to populating with enemies and finally balancing it out, but more importantly the current beta version has 30 levels and some hardcore players completed them all in slightly over 10 hours. Not something we had expected.

Now The Good News:
Gamers may rest assured Cranebals are going to make a good use of the extra time. The initial beta testing feedback prompted Craneballs to work on a more realistic blood spatter, bring bigger explosions, introduce enemy-hit animations and generally to improve those small details that add to great feel and authenticity.

Doubling The Levels:
For the February release Craneballs say they'll be able to at least double the number of levels and include more bosses.

2-Players Co-Op Missions:
Even shooter games can be social. Craneballs are working on a live-event cooperation missions. Find your perfect shooting buddy (or have the system matchmake you) and climb the leaderboards as a team. The best teams will be rewarded with fame and in-game prizes.

Why February:
Simply because Craneballs don't want to go into the marketing meat grinder that is the holiday season, and since they will be adding these new features they want to keep January for testing.

Craneballs say they have never worked on anything like Overkill 3 before; both in scope and genre. "The weight of anticipation from our fans is overwhelming, even more so with the recent Promising IP nomination at Game Connection Europe. To put it bluntly, we don't want to screw up," says Daniel Maslovsky, the company's Marketing Manager.

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