Acrosync LLC announces an rsync client that supports auto upload

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[] Clifton Park, New York - Acrosync LLC, a software company developing rsync-based sync and backup solutions for desktops and mobile devices, has recently released Acrosync for Mac, a new rsync client with an easy-to-use GUI that also supports Dropbox-like automatic upload and Time Machine style incremental backups.

Acrosync for Mac is a powerful folder synchronization tool based on the rsync protocol, so it can sync with any computer or device that has rsync installed, such as Mac and Linux computers, NAS boxes, and VPS or dedicated servers, or even rsync storage providers such as, HiDrive, and Strongspace. Acrosync for Mac comes with an intuitive graphical interface with which multiple sync or backup profiles can be easily set up. After the first sync, on subsequent syncs only the new and modified files will be transferred, and, for each modified file, only the changed parts will be transferred, thanks to the clever rsync algorithm.

Like Dropbox, Acrosync for Mac also integrates a built-in file system monitor which can constantly watch local folders and automatically start transferring new or modified files once they are detected. Full backups can be configured to be performed hourly, daily, or weekly at scheduled times.

In addition, when the snapshot option is enabled, Acrosync for Mac is capable of creating space-efficient incremental hourly backups on the server, taking advantage of the '--link-dest' option provided by rsync. As a result, Acrosync can also be deployed as a reliable and cost-effective backup solution similar to Time Machine, essentially turning most Mac/Linux/NAS computers into backup servers without the need to install extra server software.

The per-profile configuration page enables convenient setup of the following advanced options:
* Connect via ssh or rsyncd
* Select a different port other than the standard ssh or rsyncd port
* SSH login using public key authentication (with paraphrase or without paraphrase)
* Include or exclude files by patterns
* Propagate deletions to the server
* Limit download and upload speeds

System requirements:
* Mac OSX 10.8 and above

Pricing and Availability:
* 15 day fully functional trial
* Regular price is $49.99
* Available from the website for $29.99 until Nov 30, 2014.
* A commercial license can be installed on one computer while a personal license (at the same price) can be installed on 5 home computers for personal use
* Also available at the discounted price in the Mac App Store

Based in Clifton Park, New York, Acrosync LLC is a company focused on building reliable and robust cross-platform software solutions for efficient storage backup and synchronization. Copyright (C) 2014 Acrosync LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.