DTerm 1.2 goes Free - Adds Snow Leopard Support

August 27, 2009 in Utility (E)

[prMac.com] Windham, Maine - Decimus Software today announced the immediate release of DTerm 1.2, and its new status as freeware. The release also adds support for Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," and contains a number of other improvements and bug fixes. DTerm provides a pop-up, context-sensitive command line interface.

When activated via hotkey from any application, it automatically detects the file selected or being edited in the frontmost window and presents a command line already tailored to the file or folder. It also provides shortcuts for working with that selection on the command line, and for using and browsing the results of commands. This streamlined workflow allows faster, more integrated command line work, and helps remove the need for cluttered Terminal windows.

"DTerm has been the best improvement to my workflow in years," said Benjamin Rister, Decimus's president and lead developer. "By making DTerm free, we hope more users will be able to experience these exciting changes and enjoy the productivity benefits."

DTerm 1.2 is available immediately for download from decimus.net for free. DTerm requires Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or later, and is a Universal application for PowerPC and Intel, plus Intel 64-bit (on 10.6 only).

Decimus Software was formed in 2003 as a grad school hobby, and has grown into a full-time, multi-person indie Mac development shop. Decimus makes Synk, their flagship line of backup and synchronization products, DTerm, a pop-up, context-sensitive command line, and Screen Mimic, a screen capture application with native Flash export. Decimus also provides contract development services, and has produced everything from device drivers for hard drives and glucometers to full design and development of applications.