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Magiki from De Agostini Publishing Takes Kids on a Magical Adventure

Cupertino, CALIFORNIA    Dec 01, 2014 in Games


Magiki from De Agostini Publishing lets kids choose a unique fairy princess to accompany them to the fabulous world of Magiki, where they can play 10 exciting, fun, inspiring and creative games filled with wonder and magic. The iOS app features 100% kid-appropriate content, and there are no in-app purchases or data collection of any kind. Magiki is available in 4 languages and takes kids on a magical adventure full of charming sound effects siutable for young children.


[] Cupertino, California - Parents looking for the perfect iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app to keep their 3-6 year old entertained, engaged and excited - particularly during long trips by car, bus, train, boat or plane - can now head to the App Store and download the enchanting new app Magiki(TM) from De Agostini Publishing.

Available in four languages - English, Italian, Russian and Polish - Magiki begins by inviting kids to choose the unique "Fairy Princess" who will accompany them on their magical adventure: Sammy, Terry, Vivien, Isabel or April. Each princess is beautifully illustrated, and will delight children in an inspiring and positive way.

From there, kids are whisked away to the fabulous world of Magiki, where they can play 10 different games, including:
* The Cupcake Party, where kids feed the pandas
* Bath Time, where they give the puppy a bath
* Birthday Party, where they blow up differently-colored balloons
* Basket of Carrots, where they join the bunny rabbit in collecting carrots
* Art School, where they color in the horses
* Picnic Time, where they try and get rid of the rain clouds
* Hide and Seek, where they search for bunny rabbits hiding in the bushes
* Bounce the Ball, where they play ball with the dolphin
* Paint the Rainbow, where they join the kitten and color in the rainbow
* Heart Collector, where they collects as many hearts as possible

Each game is wonderfully animated and features charming sound effects. There is also a pause button, as well as a score counter and timer. In addition, parents will appreciate that all games and content are completely safe and suitable for young children. There are also no in-app purchases of any kind, and no data whatsoever is collected, stored or shared.

"Parents know how difficult it can be to keep their young child happy and entertained, while at the same time teach them valuable skills that will help them with their learning and development," commented Lorenzo Manfredi, Global Digital Director of De Agostini Publishing. "Fortunately, Magiki is the ideal app for parents and kids! There's so much to do and explore that kids will never get bored, and parents will never worry about what their kids are up to - because the app is safe, fun and completely age-appropriate. And of course, it's perfect for long trips!"

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 68.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Magiki 1.0.1, the enchanting new app that takes kids on a magical and unforgettable adventure, is available now exclusively worldwide for iOS devices from the App Store in the Games category.


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