Boom 2 for Mac Goes Pro -Transforms The Mac into a Potent Audio Unit

December 3, 2014 in Music and Recording (E)

[] Udupi, India - Global Delight is proud to announce Boom 2, a giant leap up from the popular Mac audio app, Boom. First released in 2011, Boom was then a simple system-wide volume booster and equalizer that made everything sound louder, clearer and better. On its debut, it went on to win Macworld's Best of Show award. With its popularity only increasing, Boom started to receive praise from both, industry watchers and users alike. It now has over 1 million satisfied users and a further 10000 Boom 2 beta users who are experiencing true audio on their Macs.

Boom 2 is an all-new pro audio app built from the ground up for Mac. It perfectly complements the latest OS X Yosemite and sports a gorgeous look that goes well with both, the regular as well as Dark Mode in Yosemite. This new version introduces beautifully crafted advanced equalizers with Frequency Constrain controls, audio personalization by customizing the sound output according to the Mac type, cool new audio effects for unparalleled sound quality, intelligent file audio boosting and well-calibrated system-wide volume boosting. By converging all these features in an easy-to-use user interface, Boom 2 is set to deliver a stunning audio performance.

What's new in Boom 2:
* Auto-Calibration of sound output according to the type of Mac
* Designed for Yosemite along with 64-bit compatibility
* Powerful system-wide volume boosting
* All-new one-click audio effects
* Advanced and precise equalizer controls
* Intelligent file audio boost

Boom 2 is built to customize the sound output according to the Mac it's running on. Simply put, it tailors the audio to run perfectly on every Mac so as to offer a personalized and intimate audio experience. It is also designed and engineered for Yosemite and supports the 64-bit architecture for smoother performance.

Boom 2 has a measured approach when it comes to system-wide volume boosting. It intelligently makes everything coming out of any Mac's speakers sound louder, clearer and better. This is achieved in a structured way by monitoring the quality of audio that comes out of the Mac. As a result, users get to enjoy Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and any other service like never before with Boom 2 making them come alive!

Boom 2 offers intricate and game-changing equalizers for everyone, including enthusiasts! Whether it is the 10-band equalizer or the advanced options, users have the power of finer audio control in their hands. The additional Frequency Constrain controls allow users to go all-out and fiddle with even the minute aspects of Bass, Mid and Treble frequency bands so as to enjoy the best sound output.

Making its debut in this new version are exquisite one-click Audio Effects - Ambience and Fidelity. These two cool effects enhance the quality of audio coming out of Mac speakers, making it a joy to hear. With just a click, these effects deliver an acoustic experience akin to actually being there when playing.

Ambience - Be alive and feel the music around you with Ambience. Hear notes from every single angle and corner, making it a live performance like no other.

Fidelity - Be here, there and everywhere with Fidelity. Listen to crisp and sharp tones while being surprised at how clear your Mac sounds!

Boom 2 also has another ace up its sleeve and this is especially useful to those who are on the move a lot. Users can effortlessly and safely increase the volume of their media files for consumption elsewhere like Mobiles, MP3 Players, iTunes Sync and much more. It also intelligently reads each and every file to recommend an optimal level to boost it up to. All this and more accompanied by snazzy graphics and an intuitive interface.

"Boom 2 is a massive step up from previous iterations. While Boom 1.x provided a simple way to increase volume and such, Boom 2 upgrades the entire experience. This includes several brilliant features that users can play around with to experience audio just the way they want it. All this in a setting that still possesses Boom 1.x's simplicity and ingenuity," said Mr. Ramachandra Acharya, SVP of Global Delight.

Device Requirements:
Boom 2 runs on any Mac running the latest OS X Yosemite and runs even better on processors that support the 64-bit architecture. It is also fully localized into 10 international languages - Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

Pricing and Availability:
Boom 2 is all-new app available to purchase from December 3rd, 2014 onwards for $14.99 on the Global Delight Webstore. Students/Educators can avail a special discounted price of $9.99 while existing Boom 1.x users (Global Delight Webstore only) can upgrade to the latest Boom 2 at a discount of 50%. A free 7- day trial and more can be experienced at the website.The Mac App Store version will come soon. For a media review do contact for the NFR code.

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