Temple Of Wisdom: Food For The Thoughts

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[prMac.com] Leicester, United Kingdom - A-K Developers has announced its new app, Temple of Wisdom for iOS devices. Temple of Wisdom is possibly the first application of its kind, to combine an immersive visual sequence with an equally immersive aural experience. Its primary purpose is to deliver valuable messages to the user, in audio form - messages which, it is hoped, will be genuinely useful and of service to users in their everyday lives and activities. The application brings together various elements, which might ordinarily be listed under the auspices of 'self-help'. These include:

* Quotations, proverbs, aphorisms, which might be motivational, inspirational, advisory or cautionary in nature.
* Multi-layered sound, with an ethereal-almost 'three-dimensional' feel, of the kind typically found in audio-hypnosis programs, where the intention is to imprint positive statements onto the subconscious mind of the subject.

While the recordings are original, they comprise material derived from the words, writings or teachings of numerous spiritual leaders, as well as historical and contemporary figures, ranging from Buddha to Antony Robbins.

Temple Of Wisdom essentially, provides a 'thought for the day'; an idea upon which the user can ruminate or ponder. The concept of an application with a message was largely inspired by a team member's interest in the spiritual side of the martial arts; and specifically, the 1970s television series 'Kung Fu', about Kwai Chang Caine:an itinerant Shaolin monk, whose encounters with the lawless of America's Old West, would frequently see him utilising his martial prowess to deal with the bad guys and defend the down-trodden. Seemingly just as often however, Caine's circumstances would have him recall his childhood at the Shaolin Temple, and the spiritual wisdom he received there, as a means to overcome his trials. At it's heart, Temple Of Wisdom is a tool which offers the user alternative perspectives in the face of day to day challenges.

Temple Of Wisdom is a tool for contemplation and empowerment, incorporating spoken statements intended to guide us in our humanity, personal well-being, and potential. "The temple of wisdom, echoes with the words of those, whose hearts and minds; have imparted great insights concerning the path of life. Here, these eternal truths, are ever at hand, to assist you on life's journey."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 52.9 MB

Pricing and availability:
Temple Of Wisdom 1.0 is free and available exclusively worldwide in the App Store in the Lifestyle category. This free download includes 32 audio clips and captions. Earphones recommended. Over 200 audio clips available.

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