FrontLog - Powerful Task Management Tool Designed For Collaboration

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[] Beijing, China - IN-SRC Limited today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of FrontLog 1.1.1, an update to their powerful multi-level task management tool for OS X. Designed specifically for collaboration, FrontLog helps users organize their tasks and increase their productivity through the use of logbooks.

With logbooks, FrontLog offers a single resource to manage projects. Users have the ability to create content like tasks, project data, photographs, comments, notes, and attachments within each logbook. Tasks can be added, described, and prioritized as well as tagged to assist in future searches. Users can also assign tasks to certain team members or verify them with a group of individuals.

Based on innovative Cloud technology, FrontLog tasks can be easily shared and collaborated upon with a team of people. By sharing logbooks, projects are managed more smoothly and tasks monitored more effectively. FrontLog also provides instant connection with team members to allow users to manage tasks anywhere at anytime. Logbooks can be synched across iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices as well as MAC OS X systems.

Feature Highlights:
* Simple and intuitive User Interface
* Drag-and-drop functionality
* Ability to create content like information, data, text, photographs, comments, notes, and attachments
* Multi-level task management
* Ability to assign, track, and verify tasks between a group of people
* Syncs between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac OS X for collaboration over the Cloud
* Designed specifically as a collaboration tool
* Affordable upgrade options

The FrontLog interface is simple and intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality. After creating a project, or logbook, users can click on the New Task button or shortcut key to create a new task. A pop-up window appears that prompts for the task name, description, tags, and the due date. Users can also assign the task to a specific team member and add an attachment.

Tasks can be organized and prioritized within boxes to help manage a project. Within the Inbox, details of the tasks are shown including when and who created the task, when it was last updated, and when it is due. Team members can leave comments or even watch the progress of a task. If there are any related tasks, they may be added as subtasks. Just like tasks, subtasks may be assigned, prioritized, and tagged. Users can also "poke" other team members to prompt them to complete a task. Attachments can be added by simply dragging the file to the task box.

FrontLog boxes also provide tools for organizing and reporting the task status in a number of ways. These include:

* Starred - lists tasks that have been starred
* Activities - reports activities of tasks according in a timeline
* Next - lists tasks based on which should be completed next
* Someday - lists tasks which have been assigned to be completed someday
* Assigned - lists tasks created by you but assigned to other team members
* Done - reports tasks related to you that have been completed

"FrontLog is an innovative way to manage tasks and collaborate with others," says Robin Lu of IN-SRC Limited. "The free version of FrontLog is most suitable for up to 3 team members and includes 300M of total synch-able storage for attachment files. Users can upgrade to our logbook plans as an in-app purchase to broaden the scope of Front Log. Our Standard Plan allows sharing of information with up to 10 team members and includes 5GB storage for each logbook. Our Pro Plan allows sharing of information with up to 20 team members and includes 20GB storage for each logbook. Because of our pricing structure, team members can share the upgraded logbooks without extra charge and the first month of each plan is free. Payment for the plan is made through MAS by a single user and enables FrontLog to be used by all the team members. We think teams will find FrontLog more affordable to utilize as a logbook-based paying scale in lieu of a license-based structure. We are confident that once people try FrontLog, they'll agree that it is a powerful, innovative task management tool perfect for collaboration!"

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.9 or later
* 2.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
FrontLog 1.1.1 is free to download and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. Users can upgrade to the Standard or Pro logbook plans via in-app purchase. A 1-month trial of the Standard or Pro plan is provided for each logbook. FrontLog is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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