Innovative Car Mounting And Charging Solution For iPhone 6

December 9, 2014 in Mobile Accessories (E)

[] Hong Kong - Mobile lifestyles and the growing dependance on smartphones has created the need for a smart in-car solution that provides secure, effortless mounting and charging. Mountr's unique design combines an innovative and reliable magnetic mounting system allowing one touch mounting and unmounting of the phone in both landscape and portrait modes with a USB powered conductive charging system, all presented in a series of well built compact car mounts. For the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mountr has designed a series of cases that combine stunning good looks with solid protection and full compatibility with each of the Mountr car mounts, allowing iPhones to be mounted and instantly start charging.

"When we started to develop MOUNT, CHARGE, AND GO! product line in 2013 we saw that many smartphone users still stored their phone in a coffee cup holder while driving their cars, simply because that seemed so much easier than using a traditional car mount and its separate charging cable" says Ali Kaynar, co-founder of Mountr, "so we have delivered in-car mounting and charging solutions that are as easy to use as that coffee cup holder, but much more functional and safe."

Key benefits offered by the MOUNT, CHARGE, AND GO! product line are:
* Effortless safe mounting of the smartphone in the car using just one hand
* Smartphone begins charging the instant it's mounted, no need to connect any additional cable
* The embedded conductive charging solution is reliable and energy efficient, delivering all power supplied by the car charger to the phone
* No magnets in phone case and cover meaning no impact on the phone's compass, and no risk to credit cards

Mountr car mounts are fully compatible with each of the Mountr phone cases and battery covers, meaning it's easy to share one Mountr car mount with users of different phone models. It also means there is no need to change the Mount when upgrading a phone

The 'MOUNT. CHARGE. AND GO!' series includes two different compact and robust car mounts. Both models are equipped with our patented magnetic mounting system which aligns the phone in perfect landscape or portrait position combined with an embedded conductive charging system.

The Suction Cup Mount comes with a super sticky polyurethane micro-adhesive gel pad on the suction cup enabling solid mounting on a wide variety of flat surfaces including windshields and most dashboards. The Air Vent Mount can be locked on the vanes of your air vent and offers a perfect alternative for those regions where mounting on windshields or dashboards is not allowed. Each mount is shipped complete with a 2.1A dual port USB car charger and a high performance flat USB cable to connect the mount to the charger.

The Mountr Case for the iPhone 6 and the Case for the iPhone 6 Plus are built with strong polycarbonate combined with aircraft grade aluminum, matching stunning looks with maximum protection. Each case is shaped in such a way that it offers increased protection against scratches to both the screen and the protruding camera. A smart Plug Connector at the bottom of the case can be removed to provide instant access to the Lightning Port when required. The addition of the Mountr cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus complement an already extensive line that includes cases for iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy 3, Galaxy 4, Galaxy 5, and Note 3.

The Mountr Design Process:
Initial ideas for Mountr were conceived in Istanbul, Turkey. Soon after, the first product concepts were developed in Bangkok, Thailand, in a cooperative effort with a talented designer from Tehran. Concepts were fine tuned in Singapore, by a team of experienced industry professionals utilizing feedback from User Experience experts located in the USA, Australia and Sweden. Manufacturing specialists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China went to work and turned cool designs into real and reliable products, backed with strong financial, legal and logistical support from Germany and the Netherlands.

Pricing and Availability:
All Mountr products mentioned here are currently available via the Mountr Web Store and via a growing network of local distributors and retailers. To celebrate the launch of the Mountr Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mountr Web Store will be offering discounts until the end of this year on both mounts and cases/covers. Mounts are attractively priced at 28.95 USD and include a charger and flat USB cable, and cases/covers range from 12.95 USD to 23.95 USD (prices exclude local taxes and shipping).

Mountr is a new initiative of BPA Smarter Goods Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong with affiliate offices in the Netherlands and Turkey. The design of modern smart phones has never been truly optimized for using the phone in the car. The mission of Mountr is to improve the usability of smart phones in the car environment, in a way that is both convenient, great looking, safe and secure. Mountr: a global partnership, dedicated to bringing you innovative solutions, where ever you are, where ever you go. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2014 BPA Smarter Goods Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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