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[prMac.com] Melbourne, Australia - Mudflat Software has released DropSync 3, a completely redesigned and vastly improved version of its popular folder management software for the Mac. DropSync is for web developers, photo professionals, or anyone with big sets of files on multiple hard drives, web servers, or network shares. It's basically a better way to copy collections of files.

At the core of DropSync 3 is its powerful browser that lets users see a pair of folders side by side, even if one folder is on a remote server (via SFTP). Items can be selected for include and exclude directly in the browser and an update from one side to another initiated by clicking the corresponding arrow. Previews show exactly what will be changed, and when you're done checking previews, DropSync can watch a source folder and update in the background. DropSync 3 is smart about doing work in the background and keeping its memory footprint low. It won't break a sweat with tens of thousands of files, and if you're updating over ssh it will minimise the data that gets transferred.

New Features in DropSync 3:
* Completely redesigned user interface that is simpler to use and frankly much better looking
* Configuration options galore, and a sweet new interface for adjusting all those switches and dials
* Include or exclude folders at any level in the hierarchy directly in the browser
* The app is now fully sandboxed so it cannot touch your files unless you tell it to
* Fully compatible with OSX Yosemite

It is ideal for:
* Updating on-the-go documents to a USB stick
* Mirroring a website from a remote host to your local computer or vice-versa
* Web development - Edit files locally and have them automatically and efficiently uploaded to a server
* Duplicating files like photos, music and websites to a second computer, external hard drive or remote server
* Backing up files to a remote server - Works with any server that supports SSH, SFTP and Rsync

Despite its name, DropSync has little in common with hosted syncing solutions like Dropbox or iCloud Drive. DropSync gives users super-powers when it comes to copying/updating folders, but it won't take total control of the process. Instead, it makes managing file collections safer (with previews), faster (with incremental updates), and more customisable (with includes/excludes and custom rsync options).

DropSync is also one of the few folder updating applications that makes accessing remote computers via ssh a first class citizen. Users can simply enter their login details and will instantly be able to browse and select folders on a remote server. It also integrates nicely with the keychain, so passwords are stored securely and there is no need to setup public/private keypairs.

Although casual users need never look beyond the main window, DropSync is also designed with power users in mind. It's apple scriptable so you can integrate it into existing workflows. DropSync also embraces its command-line heritage. It is, at its core, a GUI for the popular command-line tool rsync, and exposes the full power of this tool to advanced users via a comprehensive suite of customizable options.

"I'd personally like to thank every user who sent feedback or requested support on DropSync 2" said DropSync's creator, Ira Cooke, "We thought long and hard about all that feedback and came up with a design for DropSync 3 that eliminates confusing choices, while at the same time offering greater customisation and flexibility."

Pricing and Availability:
After two years of development, DropSync 3 has been released on the Mac App Store. Until the end of December it is available at a discounted price of $8 (USD). It can be purchased through the Mudflat Software website or the Mac App Store. A free, fully featured trial is available for download from the Mudflat Software website.

Located in Melbourne Australia, Mudflat Software was founded in 2010 by independent developer Ira Cooke with the goal of creating powerful Mac applications for science and technology professionals. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2010-2014 Mudflat Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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