Send Messages as Games To Your Friends with Huayu Messenger 1.01 For iOS

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[] London, United Kingdom - Short Bald and Lanky Productions today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Huayu Messenger 1.01, a fun, new messaging app for iPhone devices. Huayu Messenger allows users to send a secret text message and picture to anyone in their phone contacts. The recipient of the message must solve a puzzle, challenge, or game to view the message and identify the sender before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out, the message will self-destruct and the recipient will never know who sent the message or what it said.

Feature Highlights:
* Send picture and text messages anonymously until the recipient solves puzzle
* Interface displays messages sent as well as messages received in two easy-to-navigate columns
* 3 different games to choose from
* 4 different challenging levels
* Drawing tools to enhance and/or modify photo
* Large collection of stickers available to add to pictures
* Ability to set time challenge from 5 seconds to 180 seconds
* Helpful tutorial
* Ability to block users

With a step-by-step tutorial, Huayu Messenger provides a unique and fun way to communicate with others. First, users can take a photo or choose an existing one from their Photo Library. Below the photo image, Huayu Messenger offers several different tools and enhancements so the user can modify their photo. After swiping upwards to scroll, users can select from 15 different color swatches and draw directly on the image with their finger. There are also a variety of different stickers that can be added to the picture. Stickers can be easily added and resized to fit the image by swiping and pinching.

Once the user has completed enhancing their photo, they can left-swipe to move to the next step. Huayu Messenger prompts the user for the text message they wish to send to the recipient. This is the message that will be hidden until the recipient can solve the puzzle, game, or challenge.

Finally, the user must choose which puzzle, game, or challenge will be issued to the recipient and how much time they have to solve it before the message self-destructs. An easy-to-use slider is used to set the timer. The time challenge can be as short as 5 seconds or as long as 180 seconds. There are also 4 different levels of difficulty to select from: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Huayu Messenger provides notifications of what percentage of people will be able to solve the puzzle to help the user select the level of difficulty.

Huayu Messenger has 3 different kinds of puzzles, games, and challenges that the user can choose from: Jigsaw, Breakout, and Pairs. Jigsaw breaks the photo into pieces that the recipient must put back together to solve. In Breakout, the user has to detonate each of the squares hiding the picture with one of three bouncy balls that ricochet around the square. The user must move the slider back and forth to keep the ball in play and destroy the squares. Pairs involves matching pairs to unlock each square. When all of the squares have been matched, the recipient may see the photo and message.

"Huayu Messenger 1.01 turns your day-to-day messaging with friends and family into a fun, interactive game," explains Daniel Nicholls of Short Bald and Lanky Productions. "After picking one of your friends or family members from your phone contact list, you send them a message and a photo that's been hidden behind a puzzle, game, or challenge. They have to solve it within a set amount of time or the message self-destructs, your identity remains anonymous, and they'll forever be asking, 'Huayu?' Huayu Messenger includes a step-by-step tutorial and of course, you always have the option to block users you don't want to receive messages from. We think people will really enjoy this creative new way to connect with their friends and loved ones. The future of fun message is here now with Huayu Messenger so sign up now!"

Language Support:
* English

Device Requirements:
* iPhone
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 9.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Huayu Messenger 1.01 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking & Entertainment categories.

Based in London, United Kingdom, Short Bald and Lanky Productions was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Davies, Daniel Nicholls, David O'Neill. Short Bald and Lanky Productions focuses on app development for the iOS platform. Copyright (C) 2014 Short Bald and Lanky Productions. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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