Subtitle Studio 1.2 released for Mac OS X - A Holiday Treat

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[] Ratingen, Germany - TheKeptPromise just released Subtitle Studio 1.2 - the most powerful subtitle studio app just move ahead further. Customers love it, home users and pro alike! It does everything you ever wanted add, search, extract, find, edit, create, fix, convert, adjust, organize, embed, you name it, includes innovations like Tap2Sync and now adds a full chapter mark solution.

Subtitle Edit 1.2 - the Mac App Store variant (without Websearch) is currently waiting for review and includes the same new chapter mark features!

New Chapter Mark Support:
Chapter marks easily let you skip thou movies and find specific scenes, in big productions and home movies alike. Subtitle Studio can extract existing chapter marks from a movie, so you can edit them or you can start from scratch. Give each chapter meaningful names, edit them just as you would for a subtitle, it's as easy as that. When embedding Subtitle Studio now allows you not only to add Subtitles but also can embed your chapter marks. Subtitle Studio uses the open WebVTT standard to save the chapter mark files so you are full compatible to other apps and video players.

How TAP2SYNC Works:
Simply Enter the Tap2Sync mode from the menu. The movie autoplays and presents you the first subtitle. When you hear it simply tap space and the subtitle is fixed to this location after being reduced to a preset reaction time. Tap2Sync auto selects the next subtitle and even adjusts all future subtiles so there is no over lapping. All you need to do is listen and tap space.
Users love Tap2Sync: "SubtitleStudio by TheKeptPromise is terrific! Drop a video, drop a text file with lyrics, watch & hit space, synced subtitles! Great!!" via Twitter

Subtitle Studio:
Subtitle Studio redefines it's category, by combining all necessary tools in a single app, creating a single slick workflow. easily find, extract, fix, adjust, correct, create, Tap2Sync, watch, organize and embed subtitles. And yet it's just getting started.

Why Subtitles:
We love subtitles, they let you learn a language, support the hearing impaired and help us understand Eddie Murphy!
TheKeptPromise has a personal connection to subtitles: We are all from different countries, communicating in english as common ground is important: "We all learned our english well not in school, nor in an english speaking country, but foremost by watching DVDs."
Now that movies are delivered digitally, subtitles are missing and incomplete.

What Does Subtitle Studio Do:
Situation 1: You have a wonderful movie, but it lacks subtitle. Simply drop it on Subtitle Studio, it will find subtitles in you language. Test if the subtitle matches and if necessary easily fix it. Subtitle Studio embeds the subtitle(s) into your movie and you can enjoy it on your AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, what have you.
Situation 2: You have a homemade movie and want to add subtitles.
Again just drop your movie and add your subtitle text line by line synced to the movie. You can always resync a line and even add multiple languages.

User Driven Approach:
TheKeptPromise always listens to their customers, but with Subtitle Studio we even go further. "Subtitle Studio 1.0 satisfied all our needs, so from here on out we focus purely on what our customers want." Customers can vote on features via Twitter or Facebook, we present ideas early and we stay in touch with major subtitle enthusiasts and special needs groups. We want to know how we can make your life nicer.

Easy To Use:
It's all there and it's all fun to use:
* Just drop your movie onto Subtitle Studio
* Subtitle Studio will auto-search for missing subtitles
* Sync subtitle with a single big button - it's just that easy

Hit save and you're done! Our Tutorial will guide you. Yet - Pro - Werful! It's everything you ever wanted from an subtitle App. If not just tell us and it will be all that soon for you, too.

Subtitle Studio features:
* Full M4V (also MP4, MOV) workflow: extract, edit,embed
* Support for additional formats (using AVI, MKV (limited) and many more...
* Movie conversion to M4V (we highly recommend working in M4V)
* Embed your subtitles into a new fully optimized M4V file, for AppleTV, iPhone,
* Embed your chapter marks into a new fully optimized M4V file, for AppleTV, iPhone,
* iPad and all other typical players
* Save subtitles to SRT
* Save chapter marks to VTT
* Read from srt, sub, txt, ass, ssa, vtt
* Import SubRip, SubViewer, MicroDVD, Sub Studio Alpha, WebVTT files
* Preference for default encoding
* Innovative Tap2Sync - when you have the text, but no timing
* Add multiple languages
* Add multiple versions of the same language
* Subtitle Studio organizes your subtitle files for you
* Create your subtitle from scratch
* Fix the first and last line, Subtitle Studio does the rest
* Subtitle shifting
* Alternatively fix single subtitles
* Direct subtitle text edit
* Keyboard fast editing
* Movie-free-editing
* Search subtitle texts
* Easy Search & Replace function
* Remove unwanted lines
* Add subtitle lines (think about a missing scene, etc.)
* Add any number of subtitle language

Our customers are protected The Product is bought throught the Paddle Payment system. They deliver quality shopping experience with the convenience of supporting all major credit cards and PayPal. Your license is stored in a secure locker so you can always retrieve it when you lost it.

Subtitle Edit:
On Mac App Store we offer Subtitle Edit, the small brother of Subtitle Studio. Subtitle Edit does not include any web search functionality but all other features. Subtitle Edit 1.1 will be avialable shortly.

Studios can extend their movie copyright to the dialog as well as their translations. Sadly quite some studios do. For those movies providing yourself with a subtitle even - self translated ones - infringes the movie's copyright. Subtitle Studio protects it's users as far as possible, by neither distributing subtitles, like other apps do, nor does it search based on movie hash code.

Pricing & Availability:
Subtitle Studio 1.1 is available for $14.99 (USD) in the Mac App Store in the Video category. That's just the price of two movie tickets.
Subtitle Edit 1.1 will be priced at $12.99. Subtitle Studio is directly available from our website. You have 7 days in which you can edit as many subtitles as you like, with no restrictions. Once you come to love Subtitle Studio, you can buy it right from within the app.

TheKeptPromise creates software that lives up to its promise. The company develops solutions in those areas they feel the customer needs are not met. TheKeptPromise is a start up of award winning professionals who have published scientific papers, got photos selected by National Geographic, 1px and more. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2014 TheKeptPromise. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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