WALTR - Drag n' Drop MKV & FLAC into iPhone/iPad for Native Playback

December 23, 2014 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] Kiev, Ukraine - Softorino is pleased to release a new app - WALTR - which uploads any video or audio format from your Mac into iPhone or iPad via Drag and Drop. It's a Mac app that discovered 4k Video Playback on iPhone 6. The cool app name was inspired by 'Walter White' from the American crime drama series, Breaking Bad.

WALTR is a revolutionary Mac OS X app, since playing non-Apple-approved media formats is a constant source of irritation for iPad owners and the workarounds make them use various converters or install special apps on the device for playback. An incredible amount of innovation went into WALTR. Instead of uploading the limited file formats that iPad/iPhone & iTunes is used to, Softorino engineered a technology that lets users upload and watch MKV, AVI, MP4 videos on their iPhone or iPad without having to convert the files first.

Apart from Video files, users can also upload and listen to FLAC (or any music format ever created) files straight from the native Music app without converting them. WALTR is the first app EVER to break the file format barrier on iPhones. For those who don't know - FLAC is Not supported in iTunes or the iPod, full stop. Since it's lossless, users are bound to convert the files to a lossless format that is, i.e. WAV, AIFF, or Apple Lossless. WALTR puts an end to this.

The app is very simple. You launch the WALTR app, connect your device, drag a movie or audio onto it and it automatically starts uploading into your iPad or iPhone. And that's it! You can access the files from your native 'Music' & 'Videos' app. An app cannot be easier; you just drag-and-drop, and it's on your device.

"We made it as simple as it could be," said Sergei Kurdyashov, Softorino's CEO. "But WALTR also saves time because the uploading process is lightning fast...it can upload a 2GB movie files in under 1 minute!"

To give you a better idea of how powerful and easy the app really is, imagine this: Plug in your device. Launch WALTR. In your finder, you select 3 songs with different audio formats(flac, aac, mp3) and just drag them into WALTR. That's it! They appear in your iPhone's native music app.

Or let's say you have an episode of your favorite TV show in .AVI format and you have your favorite movie in .MKV format - you simply drag both files into WALTR and after the upload is finished, it will appear in your iPad's native Video app! Without even installing any special apps on the device.

In conclusion, the magic is that you put the file into the app and it automatically puts the file into the correct place on your iOS device becoming natively accessible. In the future, more planned features will be available such as, uploading books using the same ideal drag & drop technology.

System Requirements
* Requires Mac OS X 10.9
* Any device with iOS 5 & above

Pricing and Availability:
Users can download WALTR for free with unlimited trial for 14-days. A lifetime single user licenses will then be available for $29.95. Launch price will be $14.95 for a limited time (first 7-days).

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