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January 2, 2015 in iAnnouncements (E)

[] Long Island, New York - Mobile app review publisher, AlphaDigits has named the top rated apps for December 2014. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of December.

The Incredible Tiles 2048 (10 /10): The game plays just as before. You start with an almost empty grid, sprinkled with a splattering of 2's and 4's to get you started. Pair up two matching tiles to create one with a value of the pair's sum. So, if you slide two 2's side by side, you will get one tile with a 4. If you slide two 4 tiles side by side, you will get one tile with an 8. Your goal, of course, is to end up with one tile sporting the surreptitious 2048.

Ninflated (9.7 /5): Ninflated is the name of the game, and your goal is to take your floating Ninja through an obstacle course without letting his bubble burst. Your Ninja's name is Nin and his mission is to train to be a tricky Ninja. He has been set on a course in the Ninja Training Tower, splattered with various horizontally placed obstacles over numerous floors that he must avoid.

ALIVE (9.3 /10): Equipped with all that you would expect from a mobile video editor, ALIVE lets you take a video up to a 30 seconds in length, instantly enhance it and share it with the world; all from within the app. What makes it even easier to use is its seamless connectivity to Facebook. Posting videos has never been easier; and now, posting enhanced videos will make you shine even brighter.

Stylematch (9 /5): Stylematch has a clean and clear interface that gives you a Closet to fill with various pieces of clothing expertly designed and posted on global websites galore. Your job is to browse the open marketplace and place pieces in your closet. The closet is conveniently categorized into sections that make it easy to find and create outfits for any occasion.

Atmosflares (8.7 /5): In Atmosflares, the goal is to explode these flares. It also requires some quick thinking because you will want to combine and explode flares of the same color. The beginning levels are pretty easy but as you progress, you'll see that the game actually becomes quite challenging. The flares come quicker and you have less time to respond.

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