PFiddlesoft releases Pointer Noodge 1.1.9

in Mac OSX (F)

[] Quechee, Vermont - PFiddlesoft has announced the release of version 1.1.9 of Pointer Noodge(TM), the third application in the PFiddle Collection. This version of Pointer Noodge includes minor code updates and fixes a few minor bugs. Pointer Noodge slows down the system pointer, removing mouse, trackpad and trackball acceleration so you can place the pointer exactly where you want it in any application. You can also nudge the pointer one pixel at a time horizontally and vertically using the arrow keys. Hold down the backslash () key to drag. Hold down the right bracket (]) key to speed up the pointer temporarily.

Open Pointer Noodge's Preferences window to turn off pointer control and to turn on other features. Other features include rotating images that track the pointer on the screen to help you find it, a border and highlighting to identify the window, drawer or sheet under the pointer, a text box and optional speech providing the pointer's coordinates and information about the application under the pointer, and a spotlight effect for presentations. Pointer Noodge makes it easier for everybody to use the computer, including users with impaired vision or motor control issues.

Pointer Noodge does nothing until you turn on Nudge Mode. Toggle Nudge Mode on and off with the Nudge Mode hot key (Shift-Option-Command-N by default), or jiggle the pointer from side to side rapidly. You can also toggle it on and off in the Pointer Noodge Application or Dock menu. When Nudge Mode is on, a badge with the letter "N" appears on the Dock icon.

Pricing and Availability:
The PFiddle Collection is a growing collection of useful and pfun Macintosh software. Buy the collection once for $4.95 (USD), and enjoy any and all applications in the collection, now and in the future, without additional charge. Download a free, full-featured 30-day trial version of Pointer Noodge 1.1.9 now. Visit the PFiddle Collection website now to watch a video of Pointer Noodge in action. (Requires Safari or another browser that can display QuickTime HTML5 video elements.)

The first two applications in the PFiddle Collection, Applidude(TM) and Waccy Accy(TM), were released late in 2010 and updated today. Applidude floats over your screen and reminds you which application is currently active. Applidude is great for users with impaired vision, and for all of us who sometimes forget where we are. Waccy Accy is a game based on Apple's Accessibility API that is pfun for all users, including users with impaired vision. There are many more PFiddles to come. Stay tuned!

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