The High-Tech Future of Personal Safety is Here

January 20, 2015 in Services (F)

[] Austin, Texas - In today's world mankind uses technology to solve every imaginable problem. But until now society hasn't truly utilized technology to solve the problems associated with personal safety. One new company has raised the technology bar to make life safer. Project Safety will soon offer a new level of personal safety through a proactive, web based safety system. Project Safety's Smart Automated Notification and Deterrent (SAND) system is the king of technology in personal safety systems.

Unlike simple smartphone applications, the SAND system uses Kwik-Send compression technology in conjunction with a versatile mobile application to allow its members to create and store an information trail off-device instantly with a follow up mechanism to ensure no disappearance or accident goes unnoticed. Data is stored on a network of cloud servers, and sends this data to member's Security Contacts when they fail to respond. Upon receipt of the automated call, Security Contacts receive a text and email containing a link to the member's event information, so they can take action to protect the member.

The system uses the latest mobile and high-speed cellular technologies to allow members to quickly and easily enter data through a tablet, PC or mobile device. The data is compressed and sent to the cloud instantly during each step of the data entry process. Even high definition images leave the device within a few seconds to prevent data loss or confiscation. Taking this proactive approach prior to, or at the beginning of a date, meeting, or any event, gives members an advantage. Because the system is not just a simple phone app, entered information does not reside on the person's device. If a predator takes the device, that member is still protected. As soon as an entry is made, the data is sent to the system on the cloud, giving the member the ultimate protection.

This innovative new company didn't stop there. Through the use of GPS Tagging, a member can mark their location at any time with a single touch! The Journal function also allows off-device storage of information and images for recording incidents of domestic violence, auto accidents and more. Members can even edit events right from the mobile app to add images or data, and change the notification time if their calendar changes. The team at Project Safety thought of every conceivable scenario!

The system can be used in or out of the home or office to protect real estate agents, sales persons, travelers, and anyone in any individual or group scenario. Packages designed for corporations, schools, and member-based organizations will include a Mass Broadcasting feature.

Project Safety's new system offers more features than all those personal safety apps combined, and will be available for Apple and Android based devices.

At Project Safety we believe personal safety demands more than an app, so we've developed the Smart Automated Notification & Deterrent (SAND) System to fully utilize technology in a way that saves lives. We've deployed a global network of servers and off-device systems to work in conjunction with our Kwik-Send Technology and our mobile device applications to provide you with specialized GPS functions, imaging, journaling, and an automated notification system. This ensures your network of trusted Security Contacts knows when you need help, so they can respond immediately. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 Project Safety. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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