Web Call Server 4 Delivers Low-latency WebRTC Stream Broadcasting to iOS

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[prMac.com] Moscow, Russian Federation - When it comes to typical video clips, no revolution is needed. A pre-recorded video (VOD) plays excellently in a browser with the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) technology, in quite a remarkable quality. But what about live interactive video broadcasting when a minimum latency is required? Flashphoner Company has released an an add-on for its Web Call Server 4 product, which allows low-latency video streaming to iOS Safari browser.

The Internet is full of appeals for help to reduce HLS transmission latency beyond 5 seconds. Yet no useful answers are given. And the reason is evident: the HLS technology simply does not allow playing a video fast enough due to its way of transferring data. As a result, elimination of latency seems impossible.

Web Call Server 4 is a streaming video server capable of delivering live video stream from a browser to iOS Safari using the Websockets protocol instead of the HLS. Thanks to WCS4, a live video broadcasting to any mobile browser supporting HTML5 is now possible. This includes iOS Safari that still resists embedding WebRTC technology for tasks like this.

"If only developers of Safari for iOS introduced WebRTC support, millions of iPhone and iPod owners would finally get a much simpler way to play streaming video in a browser. However, it is not happening. We found a solution, and we hope it helps many authors to develop services involving direct broadcasting of video to iOS browsers," comments Alexey Kim, a developer at Flashphoner.

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