Parents Concerned About Their Kids Internet Usage Can Now Breathe

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[] Brooklyn, New York - It's a fact that many of today's children are more tech-savvy than their parents. Kids eagerly experiment with new technology or visit websites sites out of sheer curiosity as they learn about the world. Unfortunately some online activities could expose them to a myriad of dangers.

The Mac Support Store has released Mac Parental Controls for parents. The eBook is a must read to any parent who has a Mac at home with children using it, either supervised or unsupervised. It's an eBook that not only gives parents peace of mind when their children are using the Mac, but also ensures they're learning new safety skills on the Internet.

The eBook is written in plain language, avoiding technology jargon, so any parent include those who are not conversant with technology can understand. It's always been one of Author Jeff Graber's great abilities as a technologist - to take complex ideas and teach them to almost anyone willing to learn.

"If you're like most parents, you want to allow your children the freedom to learn how to use your Mac at home, but you also worry about the dangers of the Internet," said Mr. Graber "While you don't need to go 'CIA' on your kids and their computer time, you do need to help them to learn what is appropriate," he added.

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