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March 2, 2015 in iAnnouncements (E)

[] Long Island, New York - Mobile app review publisher, AlphaDigits has named the top rated apps for February 2015. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of February.

Chuck B Blast (9 /10): With sharp graphics that generate a hint of Japanese anime and action that mimics the same, Chuck B Blast is a game that pits cyborg against an evil oncoming planet, set for a course of destruction. The cyborg, who you control, is Chuck B. His mission is to penetrate the enemies command center and core of operations to detect, disseminate and deactivate the destruction they have planned for mother Earth. The task at hand is not an easy one, but one that Chuck B can handle, all in your good hands.

Glextor AppManager (8.7 /10): When having quite a number of applications, you may want to customize some of them for easier use and such matters like organizing them on your desktop or making them disappear. For this reason, you need a custom android application manager and you should try out Glextor AppManager. This android application manager is very effective and will also go a long way in ensuring better performance of your device and eliminating small problems such as frequent hanging.

Talk To Me (8.7 /10): When voice messaging became popular, revolutionizing the way messages are "delivered", everyone latched onto it, seeing a more "personal" alternative to SMS or text messaging. It did not take long after countless voice messaging apps cropped up, offering to make voice messaging an easier, better, and more interactive experience. GSoft LLC introduced its take on how this mode of communication should be done with its latest app, aptly called Talk To Me.

Uscreen (8.3 /10): Uscreen is an app brought to us by It offers an extremely simple and easy to use portal for video publishers to put up their stuff, market it and sell it. It also provides users an easy way to find all sorts of videos, purchase and manage them - all from one app. No more searching for where you found a particular yoga class, a webinar on how to improve blog postings, or a funny clip your friend sent yesterday. You can consolidate and bring them all together in one place - Uscreen.

Explosion Valley (8 /10): Strategizing is only half the fun in Dutyfarm's latest Android game, Explosion Valley. This new game takes you, a master demolition expert, to the thriving and bustling, glittering city of Las Vegas, where you could pretty much wreak havoc and wreck everything on sight. But with a plan in mind, of course. Android games involving explosions, fireworks and shoot-'em-up gameplays, are no longer anything new. In fact, they make up a huge chunk of the game market.

While speaking about their new app marketing packages, Joe Ellen, an Editor at AlphaDigits said, "We are going to start app review submission service from March." Developers can contact AlphaDigits through the onsite form to get their apps reviewed. They can contact by mail or the contact form to avail other marketing services.

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