Jigsaw Commando - Build the Map. Invade it. Become a Hero.

March 12, 2015 in Games (E)

[prMac.com] Folsom, California - Michael Jacobs Development announces the release of Jigsaw Commando 1.0.201, a puzzle and strategy game developed specifically for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Jigsaw Commando is a grid-based, WWII-themed strategy game, where commandos rescue allied troops from enemies by strategically fitting puzzle pieces together for proper recon and assault. Within each phase, different shapes of jigsaw pieces appear for the player to connect within the board. Each block of a puzzle piece displays a friendly or enemy resource. Some blocks disable enemy troops or machinery when placed adjacent to one another. Careful placement of each piece is essential to achieving victory.

During the recon phase, Commandos must place puzzle pieces similar to Tetris, where each piece is brought to the bottom of the board and used to fit into or atop another piece. Each block contains a different symbol, such as soldiers, enemies, churches, trees, weapons, hospitals, and so on. Premeditated moves are key. Each friendly block should be placed next to an enemy block to disable it and bring down enemy points, or kept safe behind trees and buildings waiting for rescue to bring up the Commando's points. Empty squares that have not been scouted during recon will later be invaded by enemy troops.

Once recon is over, the Commandos have gained insight as to where their soldiers are located and where the enemy is hiding. During the assault phase, Commandos must use the open field jigsaw pieces to cover up any enemy blocks. This will bring down enemy points, but players must be careful not to cover a minefield or it will explode and cost them points. Tapping outside of the board will give players an idea of what each block represents in points. This will help them focus on covering enemy blocks with the highest points. Covering enemy bunkers, weapons, and more will help free allied soldiers.

Jigsaw Commando is perfect for anyone looking to keep their mind active. Each move must possess purpose to gain advantage over the enemy. The game blends together puzzle solving, strategy, and battlefield excitement for an old world take on collecting intelligence and dispatching forces. Gamers can challenge themselves into finding solutions to free soldiers and keep their brain active while traveling to work, over the weekends, or while standing in line.

Feature Highlights:
* No advertisements
* WWII theme
* Contains tutorial
* Two game phases: Recon and Assault
* Player must have more points than enemy to advance to next wave
* Legal piece placements are highlighted in green and illegal in red
* Puzzle pieces can be rotated when tapped
* Contains friendly squares, enemy squares, and neutral squares
* Contains higher difficulty levels for advanced players
* Move jigsaw pieces for strategic placement to gain points
* Certain blocks like churches and trees can hinder or disable enemy blocks
* Tap to the right of screen and each block will be highlighted with its associated value
* Enemy spaces not cleared during Assault will blow up and stop troops from escaping
* Place borders like highways and barbed wire for added difficulty with in-app purchase

Jigsaw Commando is created with traditional color associations. The red color represents the enemy and danger, while blue and green represents the Commando and allied troops. To place jigsaw puzzles on the board, players will be guided by highlighted jigsaws. Red means the puzzle piece cannot be placed in a location, while green means it is a legal move. Green points at the top of the screen represent the Commando's score and red represents the enemy's score. If enemies are left on the board at the end of an Assault wave, then those spaces will likely be blown up by enemies, leaving craters behind that will stop troops from escaping.

The Jigsaw Commando design aesthetics and color scheme create a WWII backdrop filled with tanks, bunkers, and enemies resembling the era. The app's fundamental colors are green, blue, red and black for added theme enhancement. The background for both Recon and Assault phases consists of an authentic reproduction of the map used by soldiers during the Battle of Bastogne in WWII. The climactic music works well with the build up of puzzle pieces and focused strategy.

Jigsaw Commando contains an extensive tutorial with images, arrows, and instruction. The tutorial takes less than five minutes to complete and can quickly be referred back to for a list of friendly or enemy symbols and their associated powers. For quicker access, players can tap into the game menu and view a legend that will list all symbols, their abilities and points.

"I am a complete puzzle and strategy buff, so I wanted to give people a game that would engage them mentally and emotionally" said Michael Jacobs, owner of Michael Jacobs Development. "Jigsaw Commando is designed to transport gamers into a time where calculating the perfect set of orders over a paper map in the battlefield was the difference between success and failure. Carnage awaits those who move hastily and sometimes the strategy before the battle is the hardest part. Do you have what it takes to pull your troops out of enemy territory?"

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 8.0 or later
* 85.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Jigsaw Commando 1.0.201 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Unlock Treacherous Blockades with in-app purchases of $.99 (USD). Complete information about countries, cities, categories and subcategories, units and currencies the application contains can be found on Jigsaw Commando's homepage.

Based in Folsom, California, Michael Jacobs Development creates strategic and tactical games for iOS devices. Michael Jacobs focuses on games requiring careful thought and planning to succeed. Copyright (C) 2015 Michael Jacobs Development. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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