Sky Battles Launches on Steam

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[] Toronto, Canada - Peter Lacalamita is proud to announce his indie air combat game Sky Battles has launched on Steam, the venerable online store for PC and Mac games. Sky Battles is independently made by Toronto artist, animator and game developer Peter Lacalamita over the course of approximately two and a half years. The game had a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, a prerequisite for approval on the Steam platform. It managed to capture the attention of various gaming media heavyweights like Rock Papers Shotgun and Indie Games, as well as receiving over 14000 votes from Steam members.

Sky Battles features bi-planes and giant titan bosses like krakens, sea monsters and fire breathing dragons to name a few. It also includes a multiplayer mode allowing players to engage in online dogfights. Steam achievements and leader boards have been implemented to complement the gaming experience. The launch of Sky Battles on Steam will be followed by a release on other platforms including iOS and Android. Consoles are also being considered.

Feature list:
* Customizable Planes
* Upgradeable power ups
* Fantastic settings
* Multi-Platform Multiplayer mode
* Single Player mode
* Steam Achievements
* Steam Leader boards

Can an artist turned game developer single-handedly find success in the competitive gaming market. This March 25th, that question will be answered.

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