Robots and Pencils reimagines mobile development with PencilCase

March 26, 2015 in OS X Development (E)

[] Calgary, Canada - Mobile development has just been reimagined with the launch of Robots and Pencils' PencilCase, an iOS app maker and publishing platform. Eliminating the gap between the designer and the developer, PencilCase gives non-developers complete control over the creation of native apps for the iPhone and iPad.

"We decided to develop PencilCase because we kept running into these amazingly talented, creative people who were screaming for a tool to let them turn their ideas into reality," said Michael Sikorsky, CEO, Global and co-founder of Robots and Pencils. "PencilCase will empower a new generation of app makers, particularly designers.

PencilCase is made up of two apps - PencilCase: Studio for the Mac and PencilCase: Player for iOS.

PencilCase: Studio comes loaded with powerful tools so users can simply import their design assets and then add the functionality they would expect to see in an app. There is no need to know a programming language to create complex interactions, transitions and animations.

The most impressive features include the proprietary Whens & Thens system that enables interactivity using a logical flow; a Physics tool that simulates motion, like gravity, magnets and wind; and 3D support, which makes importing 3D models as easy as adding an image.

With one-tap publishing, users can publish and share their apps instantly to the PencilCase: Player, or export as an Xcode project and submit directly to the App Store.

"For us, it wasn't about improving on existing app making or prototyping tools. We focused on creating an app maker tool that would be in a category of its own," said Orest Nazarewycz, a developer of PencilCase. "It came down to asking why. Why restrict designers to static wireframes? Why make a prototype when you can make an app?"

While designers have been armed with a powerful new tool, developers are still welcomed. PencilCase: Studio boasts the ability to create an app with 100% less code, but those with programming skills can further customize their apps using the built-in JavaScript engine. Alternatively, apps can be exported as an Xcode project and fine-tuned in Objective-C or Swift.

Pricing and Availability:
PencilCase: Studio is available at a special launch pricing of $299/year. PencilCase: Player is available in the App Store for free. See more at

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