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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom - Independent developer, Rober Scheiner today is proud to announce the release of Wordflex Touch Dictionary 2.0, a major update to his popular dictionary and thesaurus app for iPad devices. Developed specifically to leverage the iPad's unique capabilities and interface, Wordflex is an offline word referencing guide based on quality content from the Oxford University Press. Since 2012, AppStore users have been raving about its unique features, and based on a careful two year review of user feedback, the new Wordflex is now aimed at even faster performance and better functionality. Besides the all new iOS 8.0 based interface, the updated dictionary content and the ability to share high-resolution posters, there are dozens of smaller improvements that existing users will feel immediately.

Its intuitive and interactive approach provides users with a mind-map of each English word, filled with various associations like synonyms, antonyms, syntax, origins, definitions under various contexts, phonetic pronunciations, and even slang usage and occasional illustrations. With ease of one finger, the touch-screen app allows users to manipulate word trees, unlock content at will and share the latest language with friends as a collective adventure. There are over 2 million "mind-nodes" within its installation and any result can be easily bookmarked or shared with friends, family, colleagues, students or other word lovers via social media, email, or a high-resolution word poster print.

Wordflex is perfect for writers, students, teachers building visuals for lesson plans, English learners, or even children with learning disabilities. Rebecca Simon, a writer for Teacherswithapps, lists Wordflex features and their benefits as "Example sentences; illustrations; and usage notes... Informal, slang and other equivalents of the word may also appear. These features are also beneficial to a child with delayed language skills as they often have difficulty with slang, sarcasm, and colloquialisms." (August 2012)

On a lighter note, Wordflex gives logophiles access to an organized archive of linguistic nirvana, while giving creatives, such as decorators, a way to bring art and meaning into a space via high-resolution print capabilities of words such as family, love, happiness, or anything else that may hold meaning.

Feature Highlights:
* No advertisements
* Interactive touch screen display
* More than 2 million language nodes
* Tree-based view for natural navigation of complex entries
* Slide from one word tree into another and back
* Voice pronunciations in American and British English
* Illustrations for many entries
* Word trees are preserved when switching between Wordflex and other apps
* Share high-resolution word posters via social media, email or print
* Follow history trail, or bookmark a specific point on the graph to retrieve it later
* Shuffle mode allows user to fly through the language at random to explore
* Expand information as needed through smart expansion
* Lexical matches available during word search: homonym numbers, regional labels, etc.
* Related Entries during word search: phrasal verbs, grammar forms, spelling variants, construction, etc.
* Content is off-line

Word Detail Includes:
* High level senses
* Definitions
* Origin
* Syntactical relationship to other words on the graph
* Semantic relationship to other words on the graph
* Word Functions (i.e. Noun, Verb, and Adjective)
* Example sentences
* Examples of urban usage and definitions
* Tailored illustrations

2014 Upgraded Comprehensive Linguistic Contents Include:
* New Oxford American Dictionary (ISBN9780195392883)
* Oxford Dictionary of English (ISBN9780199571123)
* Oxford Thesaurus of English (ISBN9780199560813)

"My desire to bridge the gap between technology and enhancing the quality of life, inspired the creation of Wordflex" said Robert Scheiner, developer of Wordflex Touch Dictionary. "The goal of Wordflex is to provide insatiable iPad users with enhanced linguistic resources that could be displayed in an easily understood and referenced app, so that learning is not only optimized, but exciting and viral."

Device Requirements:
* iPad 7.0 or later
* 616 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Wordflex Touch Dictionary 2.0 is freemium and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. It is free to download and use with limitations, however, an In-app premium upgrade is available for an additional cost. All existing paid customers receive the upgrade for free. To celebrate its 4th year in the App Store, a special discounted price is applied to new user upgrades.

Based in London, United Kingdom, independent software developer, Robert Scheiner balances his passion for creating innovative apps that make life easier with his rich experience in IT technology. Copyright (C) 2015 Robert Scheiner. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Oxford is a registered trademark in the U.K. and other countries.


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