Grumpy Rhino Games announces new puzzle platformer: Five Hopes

April 2, 2015 in Games (E)

[] Cambridge, United Kingdom - Indie studio Grumpy Rhino Games is excited to announce that Five Hopes will launch on the 15th of April 2015 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Five Hopes is a game about a boy overcoming his demons. A charming little puzzle platformer, set in a fantasy world, Five Hopes blends action, puzzle and RPG elements to create a casual game with a lot of depth.

In Five Hopes the player is an unassuming boy who can turn into different heroes, switching between them to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. Switch to the Wizard to levitate up a cliff, blow up a demon, then find a sword - turn into the Warrior and pick up a heavy barrel to place on a switch, opening a door. As the Boy progresses through the levels, unlocking new mechanics and heroes, these obstacles become more and more challenging.

Five Hopes starts when the world's four greatest heroes die at the hands of a demon called Despair. A lone boy is left to save the world by wielding their powers. The Boy must make his way through grasslands and deserts battling each of his demons, from nervy Anxiety to lazy Apathy. The story unfolds through humourous cutscenes climaxing in a huge boss encounter at the end of each zone.

Game Features
* Five playable heroes each with different strengths, weaknesses and abilities
* 24 handcrafted levels spread over two zones
* 12 different enemies, each with a distinct personality and unique abilities
* Loads to collect, discover and unlock (including 15 shop items, 54 hidden diamonds and 18 hidden scrolls)
* Beautiful, hand-painted 3D graphics set in a 2D platform world

Pricing and Availability:
Five Hopes will cost $2.99. It will be entirely advert-free and contains no in-app purchases. Future content is planned, including a new zone with 12 additional levels. Five Hopes is an iOS exclusive on launch. Android, Windows and Mac versions are planned for release later in the year. Please contact us to arrange a pre-release playthrough of Five Hopes.

Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Grumpy Rhino Games is a one-man studio founded by Sebastian Davies in 2013. The company's core ethos is to create lovingly crafted games and to monetize them fairly. Before starting Grumpy Rhino Games Sebastian worked at Jagex Ltd for four years on their flagship product RuneScape, first as a Content Developer and, later, a Senior Designer. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 Grumpy Rhino Games. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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