New Brainstorming Platform and Playable Demo for Next Version of iShowU

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[] Wellington, New Zealand - shinywhitebox today is proud to announce their new brainstorming platform, an interactive space where users can be a part of the build out for the next version of iShowU. Developed specifically to leverage the needs of their current client base, shinywhitebox has created a space much where the conversation is always flowing in real-time and iShowU's owner, Neil Clayton is responsive to every comment, suggestion or thought listed on the site. At different phases of development, shinywhitebox offers its users with a playable demo for accurate feedback before finalizing development.

Avid users or even users on the fence about the app, now have the opportunity to shape the next version of iShowU during its development, right from the very beginning. Once logged onto the brainstorming site, otherwise known as a voting system, users can vote on hot ideas that they would like to see within the program. A search field is available for searching an idea. If an idea already exists, then users can simply vote on it to make it more popular or comment within the thread to join the conversation. If their idea is new to the forum, then users can upload a description of the feature(s) or idea(s) they would like to make available in the next version.

Within the forum, users have the option to interact with iShowU's owner, Neil Clayton and talk shop. Each idea has a tallied number of votes beside it, comments attached to the string, and a color coded tag placed beside the highlighted idea. Each tag represents a status and lets the participators know how shinywhitebox will proceed with each suggestion. The four tags are Considering, Need More Information, Won't Implement and Planned.

The playable demo realizes the iShowU concept and gives users the ability to test drive the newest tools of the iShowU app and provide accurate feedback. This feature gives users an advantage of immersing themselves into the app and finding real-time glitches before the app's development is finalized. Users have the opportunity to experience the app's visual effects, flow, and suggest changes, additions and removals.

shinywhitebox is dedicated to keeping users a part of the entire process with interactive playable demo postings and working mock ups of the app. Users can test out the app and provide greater feedback, so ultimately, the end result is a user friendly app made by the people for the people and chock full of enhancements that make video creation a breeze. Users should get in on the action immediately, as access to the brainstorming platform and playable demos will close once the newest version is released.

Featured Highlights of The New iShowU
* No advertisements
* Capture small snippets, application windows or full screen video
* Instant video capture for emailing, or importing into editor
* Recording application audio as well as microphone audio
* Captures mouse positions, clicks and keypresses
* Control what to record from one window interface - audio, mic levels, video size and type
* Include the camera when capturing
* Capture directly from a connected iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone
* Set recording timer
* Easily share captures via YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox
* Supports any Quicktime X method, including JPG, H264 and Prores
* Realtime compositing, your movie is ready as soon as you finish recording
* Built in presets, to make common capture tasks easy
* Ability to embed images of your choice into the recording
* Multichannel audio support
* Audio Dynamics and Compression, for better sounding audio

"We have this idea that if we can create great discussion around things that people want to do, then we can end up creating something that is far more than just a simple evolution of the existing product," said Neil Clayton, Owner of shinywhitebox. "We want to drive the development process with more user interaction than we've done in the past. We're not entirely sure how it's going to work out, but it should be interesting along the way!"

The brainstorming forum is open to the public, users can request a re-write of a feature, add a new one, erase an old one, or enhance a current feature like the ones listed above. If an idea is not possible, shinywhitebox is quick to let consumers know why they are unable to accommodate a particular change at this time. At any time, users who participate can review their list of comments and ideas from their profile. Also, users have the option of requesting email notifications for live status changes and admin responses.

A few user requests that are under examination and currently being considered, while keeping the user in the loop are:
* Adding the option of text to a recording, while keeping it realtime/instant.
* Ability to re-record the audio after the initial recording, to fix mistakes.
* The possibility of an iPhone "controller" app, that is used as a wireless controller instead of or to complement an onscreen controller window.

"We're very excited about the upcoming release of iShowU's newest version," says Neil Clayton of shinywhitebox. "We're taking it somewhere it has never gone before, which is to a forum where we give our users complete control of what comes next. We think they have awesome ideas to contribute. After all, that's how iShowU ended up with almost all of it's existing features in the first place. We want to build an app that deeply embeds the needs of people using it and we want every fiber of our creation to be based upon a thought of its real users."

System Requirements for Brainstorming Platform:
* Internet connection

System Requirements for Demo UI:
* OS X 10.10 or later

Pricing and Availability:
iShowU will be available for download through the company's website in an estimated six months. Playable demos and mock developments will be released to the public periodically as updates are made. The brainstorming forum will be open during development of the app and will close once the app is released.

New Zealand - based application development company, shinywhitebox, was founded by Neil Clayton in 2005. The realization of concepts into concrete bits of "nice to use" software has been his passion for over 15 years. Shinywhitebox was formed to focus this energy in providing outstanding software for Macintosh, and specializes in software for realtime encoding of video, screen capture and compression. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2005-2015 shinywhitebox Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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