CloudSlice: Simply smarter storage for your precious photos is here

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[] Cumming, Georgia - Today, Escape Velocity Apps is pleased to announce CloudSlice, the up-and-coming new iOS app that lets you use your favorite cloud services in a whole new way. CloudSlice will let you link up to 5 cloud storage services to your iOS devices and use them as if they were a single cloud storage location. When you upload a photo using CloudSlice, each image will be encrypted using a key only you possess and divided into slices. These slices are then uploaded to the different cloud storage services you have linked to the app.

This approach provides improved security, because your complete photo is not stored anywhere on the cloud - only the slices exist on the storage servers. If any individual cloud storage service is compromised, no one can get a copy of your photo, only slices. Since each slice only contains pieces of encrypted image data, your photos are not exposed.

Take charge of your own photo privacy. Your photos are encrypted by a password that only you know - your CloudSlice password is never sent to any third-party, so keep it safe.

CloudSlice supports the following cloud storage services:
* iCloud
* Dropbox
* Microsoft OneDrive
* Google Drive
* Box

CloudSlice adds a layer of security that you control on top of the security measures already provided by your cloud storage service, helping you keep your photos to yourself.

CloudSlice will be available May 19 on the App Store for an introductory price of $4.99 (USD). Visit us online for updates and more information.

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