New Cross-References Plug-in for InDesign Ships

August 17, 2007 in Software (E)

[] XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release of the new Cross-References plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Cross-References, available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, is a modular system which responds to every referencing need. It is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker, utilising paragraph and character styles with XML driven format.

Cross-references can work as hyperlinks for electronic output and formats can be defined to automatically use the language of surrounding text. References can point across different documents and are updated live for all open documents. Cross-Reference composition is driven by its format, defined in XML.

The plug-in comes with pre-defined formats and user defined formats can be added using easy UI or XML code. Each reference and its components can have a specific character style or style override and each reference part can be set to appear only in selected languages. The basic format elements are: file name, footnote number, page number, paragraph number, paragraph text and in CS3 chapter number.

Cross-References provides a panel with markers and references list and easy access to the features and relative page references, such as "previous" or "opposite page", are supported and may be customised.

Other features include:
- References can be made to pre-made source markers, or to any text searchable in style filtered lists.
- References - selected or all - can be converted to text.
- References can point across documents.
- References within open documents are automatically updated.
- References can quote variables from the source text.
- Supports conversion of FrameMaker cross-references when used with MIF Filter import plug-in.
- Following and preceding paragraphs with specified formatting can be used instead of selected source.
- Support for saving as .inx.
- Unresolved x-refs preflight.
- Re-link feature.

System Requirements:
Supported applications - Adobe InDesign CS2 and CS3, Adobe InCopy CS2 and CS3
Apple Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows

The Cross-References plug-in is available now through XChange International. To order, or for more information, users can visit, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours.

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