ElimiNation released - A Variation on Turn-Based War Games

September 14, 2009 in Gaming (E)

[prMac.com] Atlanta, GA, USA - Independent game developers Phelios, Inc. and Tycoon Games have released a new strategy war game for Mac and PC called ElimiNation. ElimiNation is a turn-based, strategy war game for the most meticulous and die-hard strategists but adds to the genre by including a feature where gamers can buy resources and harvest enemy resources. The game puts the player in charge as an army commander controlling a wide variety of soldiers and assault vehicles with the ultimate goal of eliminating enemy forces to become the ruler of an empire.

Pick a faction to play three of five campaign maps controlling Dark Brigade, Green Wings and Tech Empire. Each faction has its own unique units and characteristics. Maps include special events (reinforcements, resources, bonuses) and have their own specific victory conditions, some by turn number, others, for example, by conquering a region.

Play a Quick Battle to become acquainted with the game before moving on to Campaign Mode. Key pointers: Resources as well as strategy play vital roles in ElimiNation. The game urges players to carefully choose who to attack by analyzing their defenses and units. Players are able to purchase new units or powerful cards during deployment phase to give them additional strategic advantages.

Pricing and Availability:
A free trial version demo of ElimiNation is available on both the Phelios and Tycoon Games sites. It is available to purchase for $19.99 (USD).

Phelios, Inc. is an independent video game developer offering downloadable games and software including their game engine, PTK. Their main ambition is to create entertaining games for the MAC, iPhone, PC and Pocket PC platforms. With very small kids to the brightest adults in mind, Phelios strives to create quality games and software to provide people of all ages and backgrounds with engaging game play and utilities while also offering excellent customer service and free technical support.

Tycoon Games is also responsible for the Winter Wolves website and shares a common goal: to create original games. Started in 2008, the first release was Supernova 2: Spacewar, which was recently awarded by the online magazine "Game Tunnel", as one of the top5 Simulation Games of the Year.


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