Group Logic Updates ExtremeZ-IP for Snow Leopard

September 15, 2009 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Arlington, Virginia - Group Logic today announced the availability of ExtremeZ-IP 6.0.2, which is certified for use with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. ExtremeZ-IP is used by thousands of customers worldwide who depend on it for reliable file sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows servers. ExtremeZ-IP delivers no-compromise access, providing complete platform and application compatibility. Group Logic engineers have been working for months with Snow Leopard to fulfill this compatibility promise.

Snow Leopard is coming to your organization, according to Gartner Vice President and Analyst, Michael Silver, in his recent paper Exchange Support in New Mac OS Will Create End User Demand, published 26 August, 2009. Since Snow Leopard "will result in growing end-user demand for IT groups to grant support for the Mac," Mr. Silver recommends that IT organizations "prepare to handle requests for Mac integration into corporate networks."

ExtremeZ-IP supports the latest version of Mac OS X's AFP native file sharing protocol, which does not suffer from the compatibility issues caused by having the Mac "pretend" to be a Windows computer using Microsoft's SMB file sharing protocol. These compatibility issues are exacerbated when using different versions of Mac OS X in the enterprise. For example, with Mac OS X 10.6, Apple changed how SMB stores important file information. Unfortunately, migrating to this new format means that the Snow Leopard SMB client is not compatible with files created by the earlier Mac OS X versions of the SMB client.

Whether you are using Mac OS 8.6 or Mac OS X 10.6, ExtremeZ-IP provides compatibility without compromise. But there is a lot more to ExtremeZ-IP than just compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP also supports unique Mac features such as Network Spotlight full content searches and Time Machine backups. ExtremeZ-IP also delivers capabilities not available in any other file server solution for Macs, such as Filename Policies and Microsoft DFS support.

Since all new Macs ship with Snow Leopard, ensuring that most organizations' installed base will include some Snow Leopard, adding ExtremeZ-IP to Windows servers is crucial to preserve data integrity and preventing potentially expensive file corruption.

"Our customers need a solution that guarantees file integrity with a wide range of Mac OS versions," notes T. Reid Lewis, CEO of Group Logic. "ExtremeZ-IP continues to be the proven standard for Mac/Windows compatibility without compromise, ensuring that no Mac user is left behind."

ExtremeZ-IP 6.0.2 is free for customers with active support contracts using version 5.0 or later. To learn more about ExtremeZ-IP and the other Group Logic products, visit them online.

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions that enable customers to increase productivity and leverage existing infrastructure investments through enterprise file transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions. With more than 21 years of unmatched experience, Group Logic's emphasis on customer success is the very core of its business. More than 4,000 customers trust Group Logic every day to move and share their files around the world. Group Logic is a founding member of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA), an industry group focused on making it easy to deploy, integrate and manage Macs in a Windows environment. For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web or call us at 800.476.8781 / 1.703.528.1555.


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