Em Software Offers Back-To-Work Deal on all Data Publishing Products

September 21, 2009 in Publishing (E)

[prMac.com] Steubenville, Ohio - Longtime data publishing leader Em Software today is happy to announce its special Back-To-Work two-for-one promotion on their most popular data publishing plug-ins and XTensions. Until the end of September, buy any one InDesign plug-in or QuarkXPress XTension, and get another one free, either for the other OS (Mac OS or Windows) or the other "mothership" (QuarkXPress or InDesign).

Products featured in this program include the latest versions of Xdata/InData (for building whole documents from raw structured data), Xcatalog/InCatalog (for two-way linking of document contents to external data sources), and Xtags (for building documents with a powerful tagged text language). This special, limited time promotion helps support multiple software installations on differing platforms and offers an immediate return on investment.

"We offered this 'back to work' special to our existing customers recently, and the response was so enthusiastic that we thought we should offer it more generally - especially since people are so often switching between platforms, or even using both at once," said Chris Ryland, Em's founder and president. "We wanted to support the switchers and bi-platform users better, as they get back to work after the summer break."

InCatalog and Xcatalog: Say good-bye to double data entry

InCatalog/Xcatalog are powerful bi-directional linking tools for creating transparent links between documents and databases. With these links in place, users never have to enter or update their data in two places (documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from the most current version.

InCatalog/Xcatalog are used to update prices, graphics, product information and even to change versions or swap languages automatically. Users can be assured that their documents will always reflect their latest database contents or vice versa, and never have to worry about whether they've entered all the price changes before a big catalogue release.

InData and Xdata: Data publishing at hundreds of pages per hour

InData/Xdata are document building tools that bring the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of InDesign or QuarkXPress to bear on all data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. InData/Xdata work like a "mail merge on steroids." Users write simple text statements to import and format their text and graphics.

In a few clicks, the menu-driven tools build documents at hundreds of pages per hour. InDesign and QuarkXPress' typographic controls can be used for each variable field and for any intervening text, to get just the right look for a user's data. The plug-in and the XTension have a powerful English-like scripting language. Users can position any field from their data source in any order in the text flow, force page breaks, generate headers/footers, apply master pages as needed and much more.

InData/Xdata are perfect for product catalogues, financial and legal reports, conference guides, abstracts, real estate guides, trader and swap magazines, classified advertising, timetables, phone books, educational course listings, TV guides and much more.

Xtags: XPress Tags on steroids

Xtags is a powerful import and export text filter supporting the full Quark XPress Tags language plus its own extended tags, for even more document-building power. With Xtags, users can build any text content with full styling (the same as XPress Tags), anchor and fill picture and text boxes, build and fill unanchored boxes, size picture contents to containing boxes, size boxes to content (text or picture) in various flexible ways, translate text and tags on input, use macros to reduce typing, apply master pages and spreads, and more.

For output, Xtags will save the contents of any text story, including anchored text and picture boxes, and will also save the structure and content of any selected text, picture or group boxes. Xtags is perfect for picture-based data publishing, books, classified ad building, code conversion, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:
Promotion ends September 30, 2009. To take advantage of this program, simply purchase any plug-in (up to a 10-pack) and use either coupon code "2os" (for both Mac OS and Windows serials) or "2ship" (for both QuarkXPress and InDesign serials) on the check-out page. All products are available as electronic distributions and conveniently downloadable from each product's download area, which includes the XTensions or InDesign plug-ins, sample files, and full manuals in PDF format.

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