Dare Do Be Announces Beta Test of Pendilly - Unique Messaging App

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[prMac.com] Paris, France - Dare Do Be today is proud to announce open beta testing of Pendilly, an up-and-coming messaging app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Pendilly allows anyone to type a message, or capture or import a photo or video, and then choose a specific future time to deliver the message. The recipient then receives a notification letting them know a message is on the way, but doesn't tell them who sent it, or when it will arrive! The company is inviting everyone to beta test Pendilly, and get in on the fun of the app before it goes public.

How Do Users Make a Pendilly?

1. Anyone can simply type a message, or take a photo (or import one from the camera roll), or capture a video (or import one from the camera roll) to send to the lucky recipient. Photos and videos add to the mystery and enjoyment of a Pendilly message.

2. Select a specific time in the future to deliver the Pendilly. Delivery times can range from a minimum of 1 hour, all the way up to a maximum delay of 1 month. The recipient will receive a notification that a Pendilly message is on its way, but they won't be told who it's from, or what the message is about.

3. Optional "Why" tags add to the fun! Why tags are sent to the Pendilly recipient to view before the delivery date. The recipient won't know anything else about the upcoming Pendilly message before it is delivered. Be creative, drive the recipient crazy with curiosity with hints about the message via the Why tags.

4. Send the Pendilly directly to the recipient to be delivered at the scheduled time. Their anticipation will continue to build until the Pendilly is finally delivered. After the recipient reads the Pendilly, it's almost guaranteed to receive a great reaction!

Dare Do Be is inviting iOS users ages 15 to 25 who are interested in beta testing Pendilly, to get in on the fun of the app before it is is released to the general public. The ideal beta tester is well connected on social networks, with at least 3 to 4 friends who would be willing to test the apps along with them. Users with an active social life, and who are involved in their local community are the exact type of testers Pendilly is looking for!

The development phase is nearing the end, and Pendilly is ready to meet its new beta users during July. Since the end of 2014, more than 6,000 people have signed up. Unfortunately, Pendilly can only welcome 1,000 members to join this exciting beta phase of the adventure. The first 1,000 qualified users who confirm will become official beta testers of Pendilly.

"From day one, our focus is to use time to bring emotional value to our users. This is just the beginning and we are already cooking much more," says Pendilly founder Samy Allaham. "Pendilly is looking for users who have plenty of experience in the social networking biosphere and willing to create their day, week or month, in a simple way. Our mission is to help people create their near future in a simple, yet powerful and effective way. It can be as simple as sending a Pendilly to a friend to have fun, give a special someone your attention, help anticipate an event, remember a moment, or surprise a friend."

iOS users who have an iPhone 4S or newer device, running iOS 8.0 or higher are welcome to apply for the Pendilly beta test at the Pendilly website. While there, users are invited to share the beta test news with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Pendilly was founded by Dare Do Be, a French based startup which dares day-in and day-out to build a new temporal experience in messaging, and remains laser-focused on delivering ever-increasing emotional value to its community. Pendilly dares to do things out of the ordinary and believes sharing differently can add more value to messages, pictures and videos. The company aims at empowering people who dare to create the future, by using time and tags to send messages into the future with more emotions and more fun. Time is a precious and powerful emotional medium and we use it to connects us on a deeper level. Copyright (C) 2015 Dare Do Be. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.