Movavi Mac Cleaner Improves System Performance and Saves Disc Space

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[] Saint Louis, Missouri - Movavi today is proud to announce the release of Mac Cleaner 1.3 for Mac OS X. Movavi Mac Cleaner effectively and efficiently restores your Mac's performance: it scans the entire computer, recognizing files that are not (or no longer) needed while leaving alone personal files.

Users would be surprised at how much of their Mac's hard drive space is occupied by files that serve no useful purpose. Movies and music they've forgotten about, system cache files, unused applications, old games, duplicate photos - all this takes up multiple gigabytes of valuable storage space and significantly slows down system performance. The free demo version is available for download from the Movavi website.

Here are the kinds of content Mac Cleaner will safely dispose of:
* iPhoto backup copies
* Unused OS X localizations
* Unused and/or unremovable applications
* Trash bins
* System logs
* Cache files
* Large and old files

According to Movavi product manager Yuri Latyshev, "Our research has shown us that regular system cleaning can free up at least 1GB of disc space every day. Even a new Mac contains about 2.5 GB of files that the average user will never use. So we wanted to help people solve this problem while not deleting anything the system or the user really needs. We designed this cleaning software to do just that - and it's 100% safe."

Once the computer has been scanned, the data is categorized into different areas: System Cleanup, Trash Cleanup, Large and Old Files, Unused languages, and other useful sections. This approach enables users to delete unnecessary files manually section by section, but if they don't want to wade through everything, they can just hit the AutoClean button to remove all unnecessary files.

Another helpful tool included in Mac Cleaner is the Uninstaller; this handy program can completely removes unused programs, including OS X applications like Chess, Calendar, and Mail from any Mac, along with their system folders. This process will free up gigabytes of space occupied by applications that normally cannot be removed. By restoring disc space and removing unused programs, Uninstaller can dramatically improve a Mac's performance.

Mac Cleaner is continuously updated as part of the license fee to ensure the latest tools can be recognized and addressed appropriately. The next round of enhancements will include:

* RAM cleaning to prevent slowdowns
* Deletion of duplicate files
* File shredder for permanent, unrestorable file deletion

Pricing and Availability:
The full version of Mac Cleaner 1.3 is available from Movavi's official website for $29.95 (USD). The trial version of Movavi Mac Cleaner has no time limits, but the cumulative volume of junk files is limited to 500 MB.

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