Present Naked

September 23, 2009 in Business (E)

[] San Francisco, CA - Presentation skills are constantly ranked at the top of the inventory of aptitudes we should have if we want to come across as accomplished business executives, teachers, students, and community members. Rexi Media has recently released an iPhone mobile app, titled Presenter Pro, that helps you come across as credible, authentic, and confident, whether you present in professional or personal settings.

The app fills the gap for teaching all presenters about one of the ingredients that has been missing in modern presentations: authenticity. Too often we listen to presenters who have great things to say but they deliver that content from behind a mask. And who is to blame them? Check out these sobering facts:

Most of us attended school for at least 15 years, probably 180 days per year, and around 6 hours per day. This is approximately 16,000 hours of school. How many of these hours were we taught how to be genuine, how to truly express who we are? If you went to the types of schools that required uniforms, strict seat arrangements, and forced memorization of content, you're all too familiar with having to adhere to social norms and imposed standards. Ponder this: what specific messages did you receive in school that might impede your authenticity today? Do you still "hear" any of those messages in your mind, such as "be a good boy/girl," "who do you think you are?," or worse, "be quiet"?

Media and television in particular often kill the concept of authenticity. "Reality TV" shows are often staged. Information presented in dramatic bites or hype insists more on celebrities' superficial life styles than on things that matter. The lack of depth and truth impacts our authenticity. What programs are you watching that may skew your view of reality? What could you replace these programs with so you would be exposed to good examples of authenticity (hints: classical books, comedies, and even tragedies are great ways to understand the human condition and learn how to express it in a presentation)

Thousands of advertising messages remind us daily that we are not good enough unless we drive a better car, have a hot body, an attractive partner, and own a fancy house. In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 81% of respondents (18-25-year-olds) mentioned that getting rich was their most important or second most important goal in life. Since 1997, there has been a 457% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures. Americans spend on average $109 million on dieting and diet-related products...daily! Ponder this: what messages are you listening to that might make it difficult to be authentic?

Too often people believe that creating good impressions leads to success. Some presenters put on a social fašade as a survival mechanism. "Making it" is more important than being real. Ponder this: is there a mask you feel you need to wear so others can perceive you in an acceptable way? Do you ever feel you have to behave a certain way to impress others? What would happen if you spoke your own truth?

Presenters who know how to strip off layers of the inauthentic self and stand up for what they believe in are the most successful speakers. Download Rexi Media's PresenterPro from the iTunes App store, to learn how to deliver content effectively, unmask your soul, and stay true to who you are.

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