Risky Business SOS WorkPlace Risk Assessment and Safety Application

August 27, 2007 in Announcements (E)

[prMac.com] Risky Business SOS is a software program designed to simplify and guide a company through the task of documenting their Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs). Every organization has a legal obligation to the community and their employees to identify, assess, control and document the hazards, substances and procedures at their workplace. This software application is designed to aid compliance with these regulations.

Risky Business SOS is a register of your Company's Policies, Procedures, Substances, Hazards, Incidents and Risk Assessments. Single Computer ($99 USD) and Server versions are available.

New Features:
* New "Backup to .Mac" menu.
* The count of To Do items is dynamically displayed in the Dock icon and the Table Of Contents listbox.
* The "To Do" list has been visually enhanced to give more context appropriate information at a quick glance.
* Added a wizard dialog to make it very easy to get started writing a business operating procedure.
* Added a new one question wizard for factory floor workers to inform bosses about Hazards in their work place.

A free MacOS X or Windows demo version is available from http://www.macsos.com.au/riskybusinesssos/

Main features of Risky Business SOS at a glance:

* Hazard, Chemical and Procedure Registers
* On-line or printed Company-wide Operating Manuals
* Encrypted and Audited database
* Record of Injuries and return to work
* Universal Mac OS X and Win32 Application

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