Ultimate USB Rechargeable Battery Backup Charge/Sync Cable

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[prMac.com] Simi Valley, California - Xmultiple has announced their XPower1 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. A rechargeable 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery integrated in the XPower1 charge/sync cable lets you have additional portable power for your iPhone or iPod device when you need it, "when" you're away from a power source. Have a dead or low battery? No problem. Now you don't need to be tethered to a computer/wall outlet/car adapter for the time it takes to charge the battery when you just don't have the time and/or these other power sources are not convenient.

So if you intend to go mobile away from a power source when your iPhone.iPod is showing low on juice, you now have the comfort of knowing that a "portable" back-up power source is with you when you need it. When you do have the time to charge you're device. Just plug the XPower1 into a USB outlet and the XPower1 charge/sync cable circuitry will charge the iPhone/iPod, then its integrated lithium-ion battery for the next time portable mobile power is needed. For flexibility, most people will have an XPower1 charge/sync cable in their car, their home and their place of work.

Granted, there are other portable power sources for the iPhone/iPod, but they tend to be large units that either fit on the back of the Smart Phone or connect to the Smart Phone connector and dangle off the bottom of the unit, which could put additional stress on the Smart Phone connector. Plus these units will need to be charged separately from the Smart Phone, just more cables and adapters to pack around. We have everything integrated into the XPower1 power/sync cable. Making things a lot easier for you, the consumer.

Just to show how unique this product is, we had an Apple field engineer contact us and would not only like to buy one for him self, but stated that 200 of his colleagues are interested in purchasing one also. Now that's a true testament to the XPower1 technology. There simple is nothing like it on the market today.

XPower1 is available in different lengths: 6 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches and also offered in a small compact retractable cable design for easy storage. Suggested Retail: $49.99 (USD).

Xmultiple is a global manufacturer of connectivity products supporting twisted pair wiring communications, networking, RF/Microwave, test and measurement, broadcast, medical, military and industrial applications. Copyright (C) 2008 Xmultiple. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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