Mac CRM app developer Ntractive releases Elements CRM 6.0.3

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[] Grand Forks, North Dakota - Ntractive today is thrilled to announce the release of Elements CRM 6.0.3, its cloud-based Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) Solution for Mac business and enterprise. The new Elements CRM 6.0.3 update includes customer feature requests, enhancements and fixes to its recent 6.0 release.

The recently announced 6.0 version of Elements CRM consists of many great new features including a transformed and refined user interface, putting the sales and ERP features front and center. Personal Information Management features have been consolidated into one, easy to use Element. With the new event management, users can not only schedule followup calls, but followup meetings, text messages and emails as well. It takes the communication and history tracking to a new level and makes it even easier to keep in touch with your leads and clients.

Elements CRM 6.0.3 includes a new confirmation and estimate sales report and a new customizable product inventory re-order system that sends out an email when your inventory is getting low, plus many more minor features and bug fixes.

Elements CRM is the #1 Mac CRM cloud app for Apple Business and enterprise, with customers in over 100 countries around the world! With Elements CRM, you can: track customer communication and followups, generate invoices, manage projects, stay on top of your active deals and increase productivity. With its beautiful, intuitive design and powerful feature set, it truly is the best CRM for Mac.

Pricing and Availability:
Elements CRM 6.0.3 is available immediately. The download is free but requires a subscription to Elements CRM. Group pricing starts at $24.95/user/mo, Professional pricing starts at $49.95/user/mo, Enterprise pricing starts at $69.95/user/mo. and Performance pricing starts at $99.95 Some features are not available in all of the editions. Elements CRM 6.0.3 is available on the Ntractive Website and the Apple App Store.

Ntractive is the Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) company that develops Elements CRM. Ntractive is changing the way companies collaborate, work and communicate on the Mac and iOS Devices. The company's Elements Platform, which is part desktop and part cloud, is powered by Webkit. Webkit is the open source browser engine that is used by Safari, the iPad and iPhone and many other applications. (C) 2006-2015 Ntractive, the Ntractive logo, Elements CRM, and the Elements CRM logo are trademarks of Ntractive, LLC. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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