Kenaxis Democratizes Laptop Performance with the Release of Kenaxis 3.1

September 30, 2009 in Music and Recording (E)

[] Roberts Creek, BC - Kenaxis Creative today announced the release of the latest update for Kenaxis, the flagship in their line of real-time audio performance software. The update, Kenaxis 3.1 adds OSC (Open Sound Control) compatibility and a FFT Phase Vocoder, allowing Kenaxis users greater flexibility in both interactivity and sonic output.

OSC enables Kenaxis to communicate with a variety of hardware and software interfaces including consumer devices as familiar as the iPod touch, the iPhone and Wii remotes. Combining OSC with the powerful audio-design tools of Kenaxis opens a whole new range of possibilities for musicians and artists working in live audio performance.

In addition, while Kenaxis 3.1 is loaded with its trademark Granular Synthesis tools, the new FFT Phase Vocoder offers an alternative technique for sonic time stretching and freezing. The Phase Vocoder will appeal to musicians who desire more organic, analog-sounding textures in their performances and compositions.

The innovations bring Kenaxis one-step closer to achieving the democratic vision of designer, Stefan Smulovitz who conceives the software to allow for the utmost freedom in musical expression. "Kenaxis is not an imitation of corporate sequencer-based products," he comments, "It is designed for musicians, like myself, who want an instrument to play, rather than a grid that defines what and how we can play." Equally useful for performing and composing, Kenaxis is currently used by musicians worldwide for practices as diverse as electroacoustic works, noise, ambient, glitch, soundscapes, live looping, film scores, theatre and DJing.

Key Features:
* Intuitive Performance Interface: 6 loop players, mixer and master mixer. Clear, compact display of all parameters allows the musician to monitor and manipulate every aspect of the performance
* Powerful Tools: pitch modulation, delay, granular synthesis, convolution, analog synthesis, 12 band parametric EQs, automated envelopes and filters, random file players and VST support - allows for sonic possibilities not possible with hardware components, at a fraction of the cost
* Adjustable Crossfades and Insert Silence features: allows for maximum real-time loop manipulation - eliminate clicks, create drones or create sparse textures
* Multiple Audio Sources: Drag and drop sound files, synthesize sounds or capture live sound on the fly
* OSC and MIDI compatible: Faster and with higher resolution than MIDI, OSC (Open Sound Control) allows the musician to 'play' Kenaxis with the iPod, iPod Touch, Wii controller, Lemur and other OSC devices and software
* FFT Phase Vocoder: An organic and more analog-sounding time-stretching alternative. Pinpoint sounds in the spectrum analysis tool to stretch, freeze and manipulate

Pricing and Availability (all prices in US currency):
Kenaxis -
* Download: $135
* Educational Site Licenses: (5 or more copies): $100/copy

Kenaxis Bundle -
* Download: $185 (includes Kenaxis, Kenaxis Surround and Kenaxis Visualizer)
* Educational Site Licenses: (5 or more copies): $135/bundle

Other Educational Discounts -
* Please contact Kenaxis Creative for more information

About Kenaxis Creative
A pioneer of audio performance software since 1999, the Kenaxis line of products was born of the need for tools-without-limits and developed through ongoing consultation with some of the most respected artists in the electronic music field. Kenaxis transforms the laptop into an intuitive and responsive musical instrument that offers a unique freedom in musical expression. Flexible enough for virtually any medium, space, or performance it has inspired creators, composers and performers worldwide. For more, please visit Kenaxis online.

About Stefan Smulovitz
Stefan Smulovitz is a highly accomplished musician (viola & laptop) and an award-winning composer. His work as a programmer led to the development of the custom software called Kenaxis, a major innovation in the use of the computer as a real-time instrument. Kenaxis Surround, his newest software, allows for performance in an immersive surround sound environment. His virtuosic command of Kenaxis has resulted in an international reputation for Smulovitz, who regularly performs with some of world's top improvisers and receives commissions to write pieces for ensembles ranging from orchestra to solo cello.


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