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[] Bologna, Italy - NuOxygen Game Publishing today is proud to announce the release of Kepler 22 for iOS, a unique and immersive Sci-fi FPS experience in a new world on a distant solar system. Communications with the planet Kepler 22, a twin planet of the earth, broke down suddenly and earth command has teletransported General Matteus P. Morrison to investigate the incident.

Matheus discovered a conspiracy by Keplerians who joined in a rebel army in order to fight against Earth authority. The Keplerian enemies have occupied many buildings and factories. It remains only a garrison the Earth Keplerian Base controlled by Professor Jacobi, who is in constant radio contact with Matheus and guides him into missions.

On the planet there is only one special vehicle, an offroad that Matheus uses to move at high speed from place to place by following a map with the destinations of the missions. Matheus is provided with weapons and a special hook attached to his bionic arm that allows him to climb buildings, avoid obstacles, kill enemies; a novelty in the FPS genre.

"The dynamics of the game are the classic FPS with action and challenging situations, exploration, use of stratagems, fights and confrontations with powerful drones," explained Francesco Mattioli, CEO of NuOxygen. "Technically, the game takes full advantage of the potential of devices using techniques for rendering shadows in real time, great physics and dynamic light emission, day-night scenarios, worthy of the best simulators."

Kepler22's territory is spartan as it is a distant world yet to be discovered. The originality of the game play is in its plot, based on an FPS adventure on an Earth-like planet discovered a few years ago by NASA in the Kepler solar system. The exploration and missions are the main theme of the game , that's full of action, breathtaking passages , and a surprising physical simulation in terms of real time light and shadows , racing simulation with an off-road vehicle to quickly explore a vast territory. There is an interactive map and videos hints to achieve goals and overcome the most difficult parts.

Kepler 22 is unique, for the first time an bionic arm with harpoon is used as a weapon of defense, to climb buildings, and you can not miss many great combat weapons. The setting of the game and game play, both night and day, makes Kepler 22 a unique FPS action game in terms of graphics and action; a must-have game. There will be surprises.

* Exciting primary and secondary missions to complete
* Different types of weapons and a mechanical arm equipped with a hook to kill or climb
* A fantastic off-road vehicle worthy of the best simulation, will be your way to explore distant territories
* Maps and video tutorials to achieve your objectives
* Real-time shadows, amazing physics, dynamic lighting
* FPS action , gun battles, traps and immersive missions

Supported Languages
* English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad,iPad Pro or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 189 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Kepler 22 (v1.3) is priced at $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. No Hidden Ads, No In-app purchases.

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