Wordfolio - Missing Assistant for Foreign Language Learning goes Free

January 5, 2016 in Education (E)

[prMac.com] Kyiv, Ukraine - Digital Education Labs is releasing Wordfolio 1.6 for iPhone and makes it available for free since January 2016. Wordfolio is a must-have app for any foreign language learner and a unique way to store all the foreign words people learn.

Wordfolio makes learning foreign words considerably easier and more efficient. The app makes it possible to replace the dozens of handwritten "Vocabulary" pages with a simple and convenient word tape which is always at one's fingertips. During their language lessons, the students can save all the words in Wordfolio instead of writing them down in their notebooks. All the added words comprise the so called tape or portfolio of words learner wants to memorize. The app reminds student to repeat the words and determines the best interval between the repetitions of a given word based on the proven method of spaced repetition.

Since application launch, more than 180,000 words have been stored by users, more than 34,000 trainings completed. Some Wordfolio users have thousands of words in their lists added for few foreign languages.

One of the important features of Wordfolio is the possibility to keep all the words in iCloud which means the user can access the words on any iOS device. As of this moment, the developers have released the app version for iPhone but the company is planning to release versions for iPad and Mac as well so that the users would be able to add and practice words anywhere at their convenience.

The developers of Wordfolio are certain that it is inefficient to provide users with premade sets of words as other apps do. Those sets of words are not connected to any context, and many of the words are irrelevant to the users which makes them harder to memorize. It is much more effective to keep the words studied in class in one place so it would be easier to repeat them and find them when needed. The students find it easier to memorize words in connection with the context in which they have first heard them during the lesson or from their conversation partner, or read them in a book.

* Add new words quickly and easily
* Store all your words on the iCloud and access them from any of your iOS devices
* Reminders to practice a word precisely when you plan to
* Works for all languages supported by the iOS
* Search the words easily
* Organize your words into groups (by topics, lessons, parts of speech, and so on; whichever you find convenient)
* Add notes to your words, such as pronunciation or examples of usage
* Sort words alphabetically or by time of adding
* Archive the words you have properly memorized
* Learn several languages at once and be a true polyglot

In Wordfolio, you will be able to add words for any language which can be used on iOS, including such exotic languages as Esperanto, and Sanscrit. This makes the app suitable for anyone who is learning either a popular or a rare foreign language.

"It's pretty strange that, while we keep our files, notes, task lists, and a bunch of other information in a cloud, we're still writing down the foreign words we learn in paper notebooks and often can't find the word we need later, or simply forget to repeat the words covered in previous lessons on time," states Eugene Kolpakov, the founder of Digital Education Labs. "I created Wordfolio because I couldn't find a suitable app in the App Store when I had to learn dozens of new words covered during my Korean language lessons each week. I use it constantly now, and this is way more convenient and efficient than keeping words in a notebook or just on random sheets of paper."

Device Requirements
Wordfolio is compatible with all devices that support iOS 7 and above, including latest models of iPhone, iPod and iPad. Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Pricing and Availability:
Wordfolio 1.6 is free for everyone since January 2016 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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