MacNN Pointers eBook enjoys iBooks, Kindle chart success

January 12, 2016 in Books (E)

[] Birmingham, United Kingdom - An ebook of Mac, iPhone and iPad tutorials from two of MacNN's writing team has stormed up the charts of online book stores across both sides of the Atlantic and on both iBooks and Kindle. Published by Dark Ride, MacNN Pointers: Get More from Your Apple Software is by William Gallagher and Charles Martin. The book is top of the Computing & Internet section of the iBooks Top Paid Books chart just days after being published, with similar success for the book on Amazon's Kindle store charts.

At the time of writing, the book's US Amazon store listing states it is in second place under the Kindle Store's Operating Systems/Mac OS chart, tenth under the overall version of the same category including both Kindle and physical books. It's also 11th in the Kindle Short Reads Computers & Technology section. In the United Kingdom, it has reached 66th place in the overall Computers & Internet/Mac OS chart, again including both Kindle and physical books.

"I'm beaming at the news it's selling so well, but I'm not terribly surprised," said author William Gallagher regarding the news, adding that "there are chapters by co-writer Charles Martin in here that I've regularly referred to myself. It's the straightforward, get-on-with-it practical advice that I like for myself and that I'm delighted so many other people seem to be enjoying too."

Charles Martin, editor of MacNN, calls the Pointers book "a point of pride for myself and William," after hearing from readers that the tutorials helped them "solve problems, explore new areas, and discover hidden abilities they didn't know their Mac or iOS device had within it."

Published by Dark Ride, MacNN Pointers: Get More from Your Apple Software is 99c in the US and 99p in the UK. It's priced to get it out to as many people as possible and MacNN managing editor Mike Wuerthele says he's delighted that Dark Ride is publishing this with because the company is encouraging readers to to use its advice and share the knowledge. It "isn't just for the casual OS X user," he says. "Educators can use it as well, with nothing fancy to do for permissions, other than telling students where it came from."

Dark Ride is the publishing business of British author, journalist and scriptwriter William Gallagher. It's the home of The Blank Screen guides for writers showing them how to make more time for writing, how to beat distractions and how to get more from their computers and their kettles. Every book is also intrinsically about the best tools any creatives can have. This combination of art, technology and productivity resulted in Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs. Copyright (C) 2016 Dark Ride. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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