Badia Software Announces IDML Import 1.0 for QuarkXPress 2015

January 21, 2016 in Publishing (E)

[] Toronto, Canada - Badia Software today is pleased to announce the release of IDML Import 1.0 for QuarkXPress 2015, an XTension for importing Adobe InDesign's IDML files into QuarkXPress. With IDML Import, users can quickly convert the contents of IDML files, including text and picture boxes, pages and spreads, graphics, styles, stories, layers, and colors, into fully-editable QuarkXPress objects. IDML Import works with any IDML file created with Adobe InDesign CC 2015 or older, and it can:

* Create in QuarkXPress all the pages and spreads, including facing pages, page orientation and margins
* Import master pages and layers, retaining the stacking order and interaction of page elements
* Recreate colors, blends, character and paragraph style sheets
* Create text and picture boxes, groups, frames, and tables
* Colorize, rotate and skew boxes and groups
* Import all graphics links, and then crop and resize them accordingly
* Retain text formatting and styles, including text size, color, font, scaling, and justification
* Apply paragraph leading, indents and spacing, tab stops and paragraph rules
* Import vector art from InDesign documents into editable QuarkXPress bezier shapes
* Search for missing pictures while importing graphics
* Enlarge text boxes to fit their contents

IDML Import will retain the look and feel of the original InDesign document, and by importing all styles sheets and master pages, users can quickly make global changes once the file is recreated in QuarkXPress. IDML Import can also import the contents of IDML files into existing QuarkXPress documents, or create brand new projects and layouts. It also permits importing certain spreads of the IDML file, for added flexibility.

System Requirements:
* QuarkXPress 2015
* Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
* 64-bit processor

Pricing and Availability:
Single licenses of IDML Import are $69.99 (USD) each (perpetual license). A free trial version is also available for download. For a limited time only, IDML Import can be purchased with a 15% discount: simply use coupon code IDML15 when ordering from Badia Software's online store.

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