Lucid Information Systems releases PrintingWorks accounting solution

August 31, 2007 in Mac OSX (F)

[] Christchurch, NZ - August 29, 2007 - Lucid Information Systems has announced PrintingWorks, a cross-platform open source print accounting solution.

PrintingWorks brings together a variety of tried and tested open source technologies to provide a complete print accounting solution.

Supporting both desktop machines bound to directory services, or rouge laptops, not bound to a directory. PrintingWorks is the obvious choice for educational institutes who would like to implement printing cost recovery for student laptops.

With directory, authentication,via a web authentication. PrintingWorks provides feedback regarding balance, and the submitted print jobs status.

Printing Works Features at a Glance :
* Printing Charge Backup
* Departmental Support
* Authentication Network Transport Encryption.
* Extensible
* Flexible

Lucid designs, builds, and maintains tailored backup solutions. Backups can be to local media, or to remote media via one or more networks. The networks may be private LANs, WANs or sets of un-trusted public networks such as the Internet.

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