XTabulator 2 released for the Mac - A Tool for Editing Tabular Data

October 6, 2009 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] New Market, MD - Bartas Technologies announced today the immediate availability of XTabulator 2 for Mac OS X, an update to its tabular data file editor tool. XTabulator is the most flexible, most light-weight editor for tabular files, such as the common comma-sparated-value (CSV) or tab-delimited (TAB) formats.

XTabulator is a hand-crafted tool focused on the task of manipulating data extracted from one application so that it can be imported into another. Spreadsheet applications are often used for this task but are expensive and are not intended for this use. Text editors are free and plentiful but have no concept of tabular data and have no options for manipulating the data as such. XTabulator focuses on being an inexpensive, lightweight, fast, flexible, and powerful delimited tabular file editor.

New in 2.0:
* Major performance boosts
* Capable of handling much larger files with ease
* Automatic detection (and ability to change) character encoding and line endings
* Simple Open, Save, and Save As of and between known types (such as CSV or TAB)
* Intuitive column-level actions via the Column Action button
* Easily-managed column headers (instantly designate a row as a "header row" and treat it as such)
* Fast and easy sorting and drag-and-drop reordering
* Simple search that makes sense
* Smarter copy and paste
* Export to other formats (such as HTML Table, XML, or SQLite 3 Database)
* Redesigned user interface
* More detailed Help Book
* Automatic in-place updates

Minimum Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or greater

Pricing and Availability:
XTabulator 2 is available for download on the Bartas Technologies web site and is free to try (with limitations) for all users. A full, single-user license costs $19.99 (USD) for a limited time. Registered XTabulator 1 users can purchase an upgrade for half price.

Bartas Technologies is an independently-owned software company based in Maryland, USA. Bartas produces desktop productivity software applications and utilities for the Mac. Copyright (C) 2009 Bartas Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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