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Sugar Coded Apps unveils NetCat: Secret Neflix Category Browser web app

Louisville, KENTUCKY    Feb 22, 2016 in iAnnouncements


Sugar Coded Apps has launched a completely unique free web app called NetCat. NetCat is a Netflix streaming movie and TV show search tool based on Netflix's secret code category, sub-category, genre, and sub-genre urls. Finding something to watch is made much easier for current members of the service by using this app which features over 200 categories of entertainment. If you still can't decide the web app also includes a Random Netflix Category Generator.


[] Louisville, Kentucky - Sugar Coded Apps, makers of Crochet Decoder, Military Time Converter, The Newbery App and over 20 other popular iOS apps, has unveiled its newest creation and second major web app project, NetCat. NetCat is designed to be the Secret Netflix Category Browser and is a uniquely useful website for existing members of the Netflix streaming service.

This app was created to solve the problem of the wasted hours & endless browsing that sometimes comes with being a Netflix subscriber. By compiling Netflix's secret & hidden sub-category coded urls into one central portal, NetCat becomes the streaming guide, menu, & database that many would agree just needed to be built. Over 200 categories, sub-categories, genres, & sub-genres of movies & tv shows are available at the push of a button with NetCat. This makes it the internet's ultimate Netflix hack & the best category based streaming movie & tv search engine.

NetCat was designed to automate the viral sensation Netflix insider tip & pro user process of inputing the 'secret hidden' codes of the streaming service into their web browser url search bar. The internet is full of url lists of hidden genre & category codes, but there was no central database of them until now. Sugar Coded Apps believes while knowing these secret urls is handy, it's definitely not as easy as pushing a button that copies and pastes that secret url into your browser and immediately goes to the selections available for those movies or tv shows!

Being the complete collection of the Netflix cheat codes list wasn't enough for the NetCat project, though. If even the most finicky viewer can't decide on what to watch, NetCat also offers a Random Netflix Category Generator which drops the user into one of the the over 200 plus sub-categories of streaming movie & television options the service offers at random. With this feature, you never know where you'll end up & just might find your next favorite movie or binge-worthy tv show.

NetCat also premiers a signature blog called, Queuemoji. Simply put, Queuemoji is Netflix & movie inspired emoji. Using the 200 categories the app offers as a jumping off point, Sugar Coded Apps has created a quirky companion to the site to communicate the fun premise of the project and help spread the word of the endless amount options NetCat offers.

NetCat is accessible today from any modern web browser and has been designed with Sugar Coded Apps' mobile first mentality. The site can be saved as a custom web app to any iPhone or iPad home screen and is also designed for ease of use on most other Android or Windows phones & tablets.


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