Smart Baby Monitor With IBM Watson-like Feature Launches on Kickstarter

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[] New York, New York - allb inc. today is proud to announce the launch of their kickstarter campaign for allb, a smart baby monitor. The monitor is easily attached to a baby's diaper or pants, and monitors the baby for temperature, respiratory rate and sleeping pattern 24/7. This data is uploaded to the company's cloud and alerts the parents via smartphones if any abnormal patterns are detected. Parents will be able to access real-time data from anywhere through their iOS or Android app. Parents can also see their baby's historical data and compare them to similar age groups within the allb community.

One of allb's main feature is the "insight" feature. The company has worked with pediatricians to create over 60 proprietary algorithms to analyze the baby's historical and real-time data to provide customized alerts and insight to each baby. Few examples of alerts and insights include:

* Joshua's stopped breathing! Go check on him right now!
* Jenifer had less sleep than usual. You can expect her to cry or whine.
* Jennifer needs more daily sleep time. Average babies similar to her age sleeps for X hours.

Studies show lack of sleep affects early childhood development. Try to make it a comfortable environment for her to sleep in. - This insight is shown when sleep-deprivation is prolonged for extended period of time. This is a similar feature to IBM Watson(TM) providing insight for Under Armor(R)'s UA Record(TM)

allb's algorithm also creates customized thresholds for each baby instead of using just "rule of thumb" numbers used by alternative services and by pediatricians. The algorithm is designed to detect patterns such as temperature is usually increased between 1pm and 5pm and factors this information in determining a more accurate alert threshold.

Other features include
* Comfortable design for babies
* Medical grade, non-toxic silicone
* Size - Slightly larger than $1 coin
* Connects using Bluetooth LE
* 15 meter range
* 5 day battery life - recharged via micro-usb
* Uploaded data accessed from anywhere by authorized devices
* Chat feature - There is evidence that psychosocial or psychological intervention after childbirth helped reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

Pricing and Availability
allb will retail for $149.00 (USD). The Kickstarter price, starting from $89 (40% off retail) to $109 (26% off retail). Estimated delivery is for an July 2016 availability.

With offices in New York, New York and Seoul, South Korea, allb Inc. was established in 2015 with a couple of friends who were a business consultant, an engineer and a pediatrician. The company's primary business focus is develping IoT that can improve the lives of babies and their parents. Smart Baby Care for Hardworking Parents. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 allb Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.