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[prMac.com] Upper Marlboro, Maryland - The WeFriends Team today is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Kickstarter Campaign for Wefriends, an exciting new social network that not only connects you to your friends, but actually helps you meet new friends that are just like you.

In today's world, keeping in touch with friends, or at least people we know, is easy with the advanced social media platforms available on the market. Social Media has become part of our everyday life. However, actually meeting people with common interests and making real friends is, in many ways, harder than ever. Wefriends is an exciting new social network offering users the opportunity to make genuine friendships, whether it's just down the street or across the globe.

Wefriends is a fun social network on a serious mission. If you, like most of us, are using Facebook and other social media platforms to connect with your friends and post pictures of everyday activity, celebrations, holidays and general excitement, spare a thought for the millions of people in the world who don't find it quite so easy to meet new, likeminded people and build their circle of friends.

Wefriends is a passionate team of people that want to change the world for better! We are people who know what it's like to feel insecure, isolated and all alone. We've developed this social network for those who may have experienced the same uncertainty and just need someone to talk to or are looking to build their social circle. The funny part is that we met on Kickstarter, we had separate projects and we realized that we were aiming towards the same goal, so we joined together to deliver the best product. As a team we are all hard working people, we don't sleep until we are satisfied with what we have done; we all probably get 24 hours of sleep combined but that's just how hard we are working to develop the best social tool that will hopefully have everybody making new friends.

Why support this social network?
Besides the many cool features included, Wefriends is on a mission to conquer loneliness, prejudice and depression. Although many of you might not understand this because you are lucky enough to not have been to such dark places, for some, making friends and meeting people is a real challenge.

Many people are affected by bullying, have been diagnosed with cancer or some other debilitating illness, are dealing with a handicap, or simply loneliness and suffer depression as a result. In these days of social media, it's normally only people who are out there enjoying life with no limitations that we see every day on our screens, and whilst this is good for those people, we want everybody to enjoy life this way. At Wefriends we want to show people that they aren't the only ones going through suffering and that they can also connect with people near them or even miles away and build a circle of friends. There have been too many cases of suicide stemming from loneliness and depression and often all that person needed was someone to talk to and someone to understand them.

Please join us in this fight:
Wefriends really has produced a platform to help people meet others with the same interests, concerns and outlooks. Wefriends is not another dating site, but it is a place for bringing people together; people with similar circumstances, similar interests and similar goals. features.

Wefriends is a feature packed social network that really does bring something new to the social media market. Start by entering enough information about yourself to ensure you make accurate connections. You can even personalise your profile with music as well as a cover photo and start making connections right away with people and events near you. Wefriends even provides suggestions for friends that have things in common with you.

WeFriends is creative, enabling you to text or post with or without backgrounds, photos, videos, live streaming, events or communities. You can video connect live with up to four users. You can choose where to post or who can see your post. You can post anonymously to the anonymous section or join active communities. Of course you can also catch up on all the stuff that's trending near you or around the world, and more.

Created and developed by a group of friends who understand only too well the complications of making real friends in today's busy and hectic world, where prejudice, bullying and cultural differences are commonplace, Wefriends really offers users the opportunity to build a circle of close friends who can really make a difference. Wefriends is a fun, exciting, useful, socially responsible network using a fun theme to help with a serious problem. By supporting Wefriends you will be bringing joy and friendship to millions of others looking to build their circle of true friends and defeat loneliness and depression.

Funding Goals:
We are currently finishing the design and programming the Wefriends app for iOS devices but we would like to also publish to Google Play and Windows. We would also like to make a website for those who do not have access to a mobile device. We are currently trying to raise $80,000 for development of WeFriends on other platforms on Kickstarter.

We are asking for help because we know there are people out there that feel exactly like we do. Risk is minimal, especially as most of the app development for iOS (Apple devices) is complete. People that support us will have the satisfaction of knowing that they did something to make the world a better place. Thank-you for your support!

Headquartered in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the WeFriends Team was founded in 2014 by Baqari Ruffin and Daniel Wenger. As a start-up the company is trying to scratch the surface of social networking with their products. The company is proud to have CTO, Zheng Nami, he is very experienced with huge technology background. The WeFriends Team is just reaching the beginning of its potential. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 WeFriends Team. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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