FarFinder Sale Begins Today

October 8, 2009 in Promotions (E)

[prMac.com] Wellington, New Zealand - FarFinder, the remote file access application for Mac OS X, went on sale today for two weeks, until October 22nd. A single-user license is reduced from $35 to $20. A family licence is also available: $45, down from $65. FarFinder allows users to browse, search, view and download their Mac's files from anywhere on the internet at any time, using any Mac, PC or iPhone.

FarFinder's philosophy is that users shouldn't have to think about taking their files with them, or about uploading them to a public server. Instead, everything on the Mac is available over the internet at any time. This means no more forgotten USB keys, no missing files and no being caught out by unforeseen requirements. Users can be spontaneous, accessing anything they want on a whim. Contributing to this, web browser access means that no special software is required on the client side, and a Mac can be accessed from any platform: Mac, Windows or Linux.

Web Interface:
FarFinder presents the user with a familiar interface that looks a lot like the Mac's Finder. It uses Web 2.0 technology to provide the speed and ease of use of a desktop application, avoiding the clumsy, slow feel of many web-based services. Each Mac has its own easy-to-remember URL chosen by the user". Behind the scenes, FarFinder takes care of keeping this URL pointing to the Mac's current address on the internet.

iPhone Application:
iPhone users can download the free FarFinder iPhone client from the App Store. All users can connect using either the iPhone or a web browser - whichever suits the moment. Users can view any file the iPhone normally understands: iWork and Office documents, text files, images, audio and video (bandwidth allowing). Smart file conversion means that other formats such as Photoshop files, high-resolution images, RTFs and web archives can also be viewed. Files can be downloaded from the Mac and stored on the iPhone for times when no network is available, or for quick access to commonly-used files.

More Features:
* Spotlight search for easy file location. The web interface also provides a Finder-style search interface for a more detailed view.
* Send files and folders by email. Files are emailed directly from the Mac, so there's no need to download them first.
* Download multiple files and folders at once
* Upload files to the Mac (web interface only)
* Smart slideshow of all images in a folder
* Take pictures through the Mac's iSight camera

Pains have been taken to make installation as simple as possible for the non network-savvy user. In many cases, FarFinder will just work with no additional setup. Where this is not possible, the user is directed to instructions for their particular situation.

All communication between browser/iPhone and Mac is encrypted using secure http, the same technology used for secure web sites like banks and online retailers. The browser or iPhone connects directly to the Mac, not via a third-party server. Further security information is available on Flying Mac.

Macs in offices, schools and other institutions:
FarFinder will work for Macs on almost all home networks and in many small offices. Because network configuration is required (either automatically by FarFinder or manually by the user), currently it may not possible to to use FarFinder to access Macs in larger institutions. Common cases are large offices, universities and student residences. Work is underway to develop a solution for these hard-to-reach Macs, and a beta version is available to interested users.

Pricing and Trial Period:
Until October 14th 2009, FarFinder costs $20 (USD) for an individual licence and $45 for a family of up to five users. Pricing for multi-user commercial licences is available on application. FarFinder has a 20 day free trial period during which the product is fully-functional. Users are encouraged to make use of this.

Behind Flying Mac is Adrian Ross, an independent Mac developer in Wellington, New Zealand. Flying Mac also publishes Webjimbo, an application providing remote access to the Yojimbo personal information manager. Copyright (C) 2009 Flying Mac. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, the Apple Finder, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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